What’s the Smallest Amount of Power You’ve Seen Someone Take Advantage Of? People Responded.

There’s a woman who oversees the self-checkout lanes at the grocery store by my house who is completely mad with power.

I’m serious!

She rules that area with an iron fist and takes every opportunity to remind customers that she’s in charge.

She’s kind of…horrible…

But, I guess that’s how some people respond to having just a teeny tiny bit of power.

Here are some more examples, courtesy of AskReddit users.

“There’s a rock club near me called The Sugarmill (Stoke, UK). Not been there in a number of years so this might not still be accurate.

Anyway, a couple of their bouncers were grade-A f**kwads. I saw one of them throw a girl down the fire escape at closing time because she was taking too long to get her things together. And I literally mean throw. She quickly got a crowd around her when she hit the bottom and I know police were called. The guy was still working there next time I went though…

Another time happened personally to myself where I had a hoodie on with long sleeves and was drinking. I had an over 18 wristband on but it was covered by my sleeve. This f**king guy walks up to me, grabs my drink and pours it on the floor (and down my leg), instead of simply asking if I had a wristband.

I wish i’d kicked up a fuss about it but I was only 18/19 when I used to go often and it was the best club in town so I didn’t want to get barred. Hope those guys lost their jobs eventually though.”

“Handing out sodas from a cooler/ice chest. He decided it was up to him to choose what flavor people received, because it wasn’t self-serve.

When the pettiness of this was brought up, he decided this authority was the hill he would d** on.

It became quite the thing.”

“A woman created a group on Facebook for one of my hobbies for organizing meetups and stuff like that. She shared it around on other groups and naturally hundreds of others joined.

Things only went downhill after that. Nobody was allowed to post except her. Seemingly every comment, mostly related to the meetup details, would set her off and cause her to lash out or ban a member completely.

I got banned but can’t remember the exact details, I think I responded to a post like “I can’t make it, but everyone have fun”, which prompted her to berate and guilt trip me.

Eventually she went off the deep end and deleted the entire group to “punish everyone”. Somebody else created a new group, which everyone joined, and it is still going strong to this day.”

“I once helped with first aid at half-marathon and one guy had a single job to do; he had to stand at the bottom of a road and direct the runners down one of two roads. Since there were barriers across to road it was a no brainer and impossible to screw up in any way, shape or form.

He decided that, despite the road being closed to traffic and contrary to the very simple instructions he was given, the runners MUST run on the pavement. Cars=Road therefore On Foot=Pavement. He screamed at them and forced hundreds of people to squeeze along the pavement even chasing after anyone who put a foot on the road yelling at them.

People were tripping each other up in the small space and when I got a couple of first aid patients I called around to see if I could get someone to stop him because he was d**nk on absolutely zero power. Eventually someone shifted him and left no replacement, not even a direction sign and it all run smoother than when he was there.

Nobody took the wrong road showing that he was less effective than empty space.”

“The woman in the office that was in charge of the coffee fund.

She had a list of rules for using the coffee machine. One was you couldn’t brew any after 1 pm. Even tho we had a few people that liked coffee in the afternoon.

Then she didn’t buy coffee with the fund because people weren’t following the rules.

So someone else just bought coffee and brought it in. She didn’t like that either.

I think eventually the people she clashed with just brought in a new machine and did their own coffee fund.

That woman was crazy.”

“When I worked at a restaurant, one of the hostesses was in charge of seating and told me that she felt so powerful when that was her job for the day.

She could seat servers too much or too little to ruin their day, mess up the whole kitchen by seating tables too much too fast, etc. She would regularly use this against people she didn’t like and make their nights hell.

I did not feel bad in the slightest when I notified my manager that she admitted to feeling that way and I sure as hell didn’t feel bad when she never was put on that duty again.”

“I’m a video engineer at a TV station. One of our producers got her husband hired as my assistant. He was menacing.

He would barge into my office to try and catch me doing something wrong. He kept telling me he was going to take my job. He was previously unemployed for years, I had degree and Ten years at the station.

He was so confident that he was going to take my job. The last straw was him screaming at me in the hall. He didn’t last two weeks. His wife was mortified.”

“Some security guard for the McDonald’s inside of a Walmart.

He told us we were in his world now and that we had no power here.”

“Years ago, while driving the U.S. gulf coast from Texas to Florida I was passing through Pensacola, Florida when I became confused about which turn I needed to take.

I pulled just off the highway onto the edge of a massive empty parking lot and pulled out my large map. The nearest building was nearly a quarter of a mile away and I was just on the edge of this gigantic, unfenced parking lot. A rent-a-cop drove all the way from the building in a golf cart, got out and shouted at me “No parking! This is a private lot! You can’t park here!”

I’m sitting there in a car with California tags, the engine running and a map spread out on my lap and this idiot is telling me I can’t PARK there. He looked like Eric Cartman, demanding that everyone “respect mah authoritay!” I ignored him until I found the road I wanted and drove off.”

“A lady at my job who got put in charge of cleaning out the fridge every couple of weeks.

It was supposed to be a special project (probably to help change up pace from feeling burnt out doing regular office work) anyways she started with an announcement every few weeks that the fridge would be cleaned out and to get your containers, lunch bags, etc. so they don’t get accidentally tossed. Then this turned into every other week. Then every week.

Then every couple days. I think she loved the thrill of throwing out peoples things and being able to say “well I sent the email saying to come get your stuff!”

Lol. Truly wild. She doesn’t work for the company anymore, but I sometimes wonder how often she cleans her own fridge.”

“This one woman almost everyone h**ed was also the newest and lowest level employee at a place I used to work.

When we got another employee that had literally the same job the woman everyone h**ed took it upon herself to boss the new employee around.

Out of 25 employees I was #3 and I finally pulled the very new woman aside and told her she didn’t have to take that c**p and she was doing fine.”

Ugh…have you ever seen anything like this?

Share your stories with us in the comments.

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