What’s the Scariest Story You Know Of With Photographic Proof? People Responded.

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Well, you’re in the right place, because people on AskReddit shared the scariest stories they know that have photographic proof.

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WARNING: Some of the photos linked below are disturbing and are NSFW, so proceed with caution.

Robert Landsburg, the photographer who was near Mount Saint Helens when it erupted.

He knew he was f**ked and took as many pictures as he could then used his body to protect his equipment from the pyroclastic flow.

Here are his photos.

1 & 2


“Two engineers d**d when the windmill they were working on caught fire.

This is the last picture of them alive hugging https://img-9gag-fun.9cache.com/photo/aYKyNNx_460s.jpg

“The final photo of Regina Kay Walters, who ran away from home with her boyfriend and they were picked up and m**dered by a serial k**ler.”

“That one underwater proposal where the guy’s girlfriend was in an underwater hotel room and the guy swam outside of it to propose.

You could see him struggling, couldn’t hold his breath any longer and swam up but never made it to the surface.. One of the happiest moments in their lives only to end in tragedy.”


On a small farm in Germany in 1922, someone brutally m**dered the entire family and their maid, then lived in the house for days after. The k**ler lured family members to the attic one by one – the daughter was m**dered in the barn with a pickaxe, and evidence shows she stayed alive in agony for hours.

The father had reported hearing footsteps in the attic in the days leading up to the k**lings, but could find no one. He also saw footprints in the snow leading to the machine room, where the lock was broken. It took four days for the bodies to be discovered, in which time people reported seeing and smelling smoke from the fireplace – the smell was “disgusting”. It’s unknown what was being burned.

The previous family maid had quit six months before the k**lings, citing sounds in the attic and claiming the place was haunted. Six months.

To this day, there has been nothing close to a conclusive end to the story. It still haunts me. There are pictures of the bodies online if you look for them. Gruesome stuff.”

“The Lake Nyos Disaster.

There was an earthquake/eruption that released an unbelievable amount of carbon dioxide from a volcanic lake… and CO2 being heavier than air it settled over the nearby village.

Over 1,700 people asphyxiated to d**th in a clear blue sky having no clue what was happening and almost no chance of surviving if they had. I remember horrifying photos of d**d livestock covering a field in a high school science textbook.


“The story of Omayra Sanchez. The story is chilling, but the photograph will haunt you for life (seriously, click at your own risk).

After a volcano eruption, her legs were trapped underneath rubble, but there was water up to her chest. Rescuers worked for days but couldn’t get her out, and eventually everyone including the doctors came to realize there was no way to save her, and even if they removed the rubble it would just sever her legs and she would bleed to d**th.

They had to just let her d** where she was. After 3 days, Omayra eventually said goodbye to her mother, said she would get some rest, then passed away.


“There is a series of photos recovered from the camera of a Canadian couple who d**d during the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

It shows the water level flowing out from the shore before surging back in.

The very idea of a wall of water crashing towards you, completely unstoppable, and you have no where to run, no where that is safe is perhaps one of the most terrifying things that could happen to you. By the time one could take these photos, all you can do is watch d**th march inexorably towards you.”

Tsunami Recovered Photos

“I’ll nominate the Upstairs Lounge tragedy of 1973.

Getting trapped upstairs in a burning building because the fire was (intentionally) started in the main doorway, and the windows were barred shut to keep d**nks from flying out. Those who escaped basically had to suffer intense burns just to chance it.

Those on the street watched as the victims inside were just looking helplessly out the window while the fire consumed them. People allegedly assumed it was a mannequin warehouse because the lifeless bodies peering out the window didn’t even look real.”

“The concept of d**d bodies being markers on Mt Everest.

Some bodies have been there for decades and it’s more dangerous to try to bring someone to the camp so they’re just left there to d**.

It’s just sad how climbing Everest has now become an exotic, “thrilling” sports activity for people who could afford to to pay all fees involved as well as hire people to bring their tools even if they aren’t well-equipped to do so.”

“The photos of the people who were crushed to d**th in the Hillsborough stadium disaster in 1989. Imagine how their parents and relatives must have felt when seeing these.


“Any of the photos surrounding the disappearance of Trevor Deely in Dublin in the early hours of December 8th 2000.

In this link you can see photos of him, the one near the top I think is from the night he disappeared, it was from his work Christmas Party.

The real spooky ones are the final one of him captured on CCTV with his umbrella, and then about 30 seconds later a person following him who has never been traced.

It is probably the most famous missing person case in Ireland and there is always an appeal for information around December 8th every year.”

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