What’s the Most Terrifying Message We Could Receive From Space? Here’s What People Said.

Do you believe in aliens and UFOs?

If so, this is gonna be a lot of fun for you!

Because we’re gonna hear from folks on AskReddit about what they think are the most terrifying messages we could receive from outer space.

Let’s take a look.

“Just a countdown timer with no other context.

But Jeff Goldblum would sort that out…”

“Downtime will be approximately four cycles, progress will not be saved.

We hope you enjoyed the beta, and look forward to your return on Launch!”

“We have been communicating with dolphins for several hundred years and have agreed to their request to destroy you.”

“You looked at the universe and now it sees back.

Destroy your instruments. Shut down your space programs. Do not attempt to contact.

Do not attempt to leave your planet. It sees you.”

“Probably a specific date in the very near future.

Like just a sequence of numbers like 10•04•2027.

Watch the world PANIC.”

“The most terrifying thing would probably be a message we can’t fully decipher, only knowing that it’s a warning that will be important soon, it says what we can do to save ourselves but we simple cant read it, we don’t know and we can’t prepare.”

“Cease all radio communication immediately.

They will hear you.”

“Earth test 341 results: Failure…

Wipe and restart.”

“We are sorry.

We did not know this planet was inhabited by sentient life.

It’s too late to undo what we have already set in motion.

We will remember you.”

“Will the owner of the red Tesla Roadster parked in orbit around Sol please come forward?

Your vehicle has impacted our colonization vessel, and your planet will be now be impounded until all debts have been paid.”

“We have identified your planet as desirable.

We will be taking it under our control and the presence of humans will not be tolerated.

You have one revolution of your planet around your sun to depart for other, less desirable, planets.”

“Any identifiable form of message from outer space would be terrifying if you think about it.

We’ll most likely not understand the message , but know for a fact that it does mean something and it didn’t come from Earth

It’ll leave us worrying, and being unable to understand the message is the most terrifying part of it all.”

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