What’s the Most Messed-Up Thing Someone Casually Said to You? People Shared Their Stories.

People can be so godd**n rude sometimes.

They blurt out things casually that can really hurt other people and I’m tired of it!

What’s the most messed-up thing that someone casually said to you?

AskReddit users shared their stories.

“I had a miscarriage where the baby was “absorbed” and all that was left in the uterus was the gestational sac.

I got pregnant again and when I told my neighbor she said, “So are you actually pregnant this time?”

Yes, a**hole. I am pregnant this time and I was actually pregnant last time.

Unfortunately I just said yes and went in the house.”

“My mom d**d of cancer when I was 2.

When I was roughly 6, my older siblings told me that my mom and I were playing in the front yard and I kicked a ball into the road and when she went to get it she got hit by a garbage truck and that’s how she d**d.

I didn’t find out the truth til a few years later. Odd that I have 0 relationship with my family now.”

“I stretched in class, sitting in the front seat, and my teacher clapped and said “and that’s why I put you types of girls upfront” I was in 6th grade.

He was fired the next year for watching p**n in class, along with countless complains from other girls along with their parents. Mr B, I hope you are living a lonely life, f**king perv.”

“My mom once told me that the renovation/expansion of the volunteer fire department down the road from her would lower the property value of her house because volunteer firefighters are p**ophiles.

No, I don’t have any idea where that came from.”

“It hurt a lot when my mom would get d**nk and cry to me that she wishes I had passed away instead of my father.

It hurt a lot more when she said it offhandedly and sober though.

I’m okay now, but f**k, man. I was seven. I didn’t deserve that s**t.”

“People don’t take me seriously because I’m pretty.

You’re so lucky not to have that problem.”

“My ex-wife, ” Everyone h**es you, they can’t stand being around you”.

Never could figure out why she said that.

30 years later, I’m still friends with the people that supposedly h**ed me.”

“”You got r**ed by a senior? Really? …Did you like it?”

Hard to beat that one. I was 14. The whole school knew because a guidance counselor told a group of “my friends” so they could “support me”.

That was asked by a random student in a busy hallway.”

“Middle of a grocery store.

I’m 18 or 19. A man 50+ years old walks up to me, puts his arm around my shoulders, stares down at my breasts, and says, “D**n, girl, can you see your feet?””

“I had a dentist say that I “needed to work on that for when I had a boyfriend” when I was gagging during whatever the hell he was doing. I think I was 11?

I did not understand it at all until I was much older and saw like the second episode of Glee where a gag reflex comment is made.

I asked my mum about it and she explained and I was like “ohhh… Ohhh is that why (dentist) said this?” She was not thrilled that I’d waited so long to tell her.”

“Several years after high school a car full of old classmates pulled up next to me, shouted “HEY [name], STILL F**KIN’ UGLY HUH?” then sped off again.

I don’t know why they remembered my name, I never talked to them. Needless to say that wasn’t great for the ol self esteem.”

“My boyfriend’s grandfather said twice (!) that he would rather like to see me in a Bikini than normal clothes.

For context: we just spent a family afternoon at the pool where I was wearing a Bikini.”

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