What’s the Most Annoying Thing About Your Body? Here’s What People Had to Say.

We all have things we don’t like about our bodies.

You, me, everyone!

And although I’m too shy to admit my body issues to the world, these AskReddit users were A-OK with it!

Let’s see what they had to say.


As long as I need medication to keep functioning, I need to have a job with medical insurance.

And if I change jobs, I lose insurance for a while.”

“I have three natural hair colors.

Blonde hair on my head, black eyebrows, and a beard ranging from blonde to light red to brownish.

My body hair is black too.”

“How much I sweat.

I can grab a controller and just play whatever and two minutes later it’s like someone was mouth breathing on it.”

“I have developed a hip problem that keeps me from running for exercise.

Was my favorite pastime for 20 years.”

“Me: looks at pollen

My immune system: “This is an Avengers level threat”.”


Basically my organs are fusing together.”

“Its a toss up between my knees that sound like twisting bubble wrap when i bend them, or the fact that i just recently was diagnosed with a sliding hiatal hernia.

I’m in constant pain and I s**t 5 times a day, so probably that.”

“I used to be fat.

Now I’m stuck with stretch marks forever.”

“I have IBS, and my food triggers are very inconsistent. I will eat a “safe” food for a few months and be fine, then out of nowhere it suddenly starts triggering my IBS.

Doctors keep telling me I’m not trying hard enough to control my flares and symptoms with my diet. It’s very frustrating.”

“Cold hands and feet!

They take forever to get warm when in bed, but one quick trip to the bathroom and everything’s cold again.”

“My nostrils get blocked everytime I sit or lay down.

But I can breathe normally once I stand up and start walking.”

“I have an extra deep belly button that loves to store lots of lint over the day.

I clean it out everyday after work.

It’s deep enough you can stick a finger nearly all the way inside.”

“My brain. Anxiety. Depression. Decently treated, but it took years from me.

On top of that, when any woman shows the slightest interest in me, I fall so hard I’ll probably never get back up.”

Now we want to hear from you.

Tell us what you don’t like about your body.

Do it in the comments!

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