What’s In Daniel Craig’s Post-Bond Future?

What’s In Daniel Craig’s Post-Bond Future?

Daniel Craig’s run as the sixth James Bond will be coming to an end when the new film No Time To Die releases. So what else is the star going to be doing in the future?

Naturally, Daniel Craig has been in demand over the years since 2006 when he donned the tuxedo for the first time in Casino Royale. But with his 007 days behind him, there are plenty of things he’ll be looking forward to. But some of these projects have a sense of mystery surrounding them. These include concerns over whether some things will occur.

Daniel craig
Daniel craig

A New Character?

Daniel Craig had a memorable role in Rian Johnson’s Knives Out last year. The movie was one of the top-grossing films of the year and received plenty of award buzz.

Craig is planning on appearing in a sequel to the film. He’ll be reprising his role as the insightful detective Benoit Blanc. It is reported that Rian Johnson is returning to write and direct the film, but outside of points involving Craig and Johnson, not much else is known. The film could be another mystery involving Benoit Blanc, but whether any characters from the first movie will appear is unclear.

A New Crime Drama?

Craig is reported to be starring in an upcoming crime drama called the Creed of Violence. The film is being written and directed by Todd Feld. Feld’s last directorial effort was the 2006 film Little Children. Many people also remember Feld from his role in the television series Once and Again. The film would make for a comeback, and Craig would be a key part of the effort.

The film would be an adaptation of the Boston Teran book of the same name. The Creed of Violence is a story about two people trying to stop a weapons smuggling ring in the early twentieth century.

Details on who else is in the movie are unclear. It is also unknown as to when it would be released.

A New Television Series?

There are reports that Craig would be in a new television series for Showtime. But it is unclear if it will ever be in production. There were plans to make the series, not to mention a substantial bidding war involved. But whether this will come about is uncertain.

Craig was going to star in Purity, a twenty-episode series based on Jonathan Franzen’s novel. The series is about various characters from many places in the world and time periods being linked to someone who leads a group that holds the world’s secrets.

But the shooting on Purity was delayed, as it would not start until after Craig was finished working on his last Bond movie. There have been no further updates at this moment over what will come about.

Whatever happens, it shows that Daniel Craig will be in demand for well into the future. He will have a strong post-Bond career, although there are still questions surrounding some of the productions he will appear.

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