What’s Happening in The World That Isn’t Getting Better? Here’s What People Said.

Oh, boy, this could get ugly…

I’m talking about what people think has been getting consistently worse.

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this!

“I live on a corner on a major road.

The amount of litter that lands on my lawn is just mind blowing.

Every day there’s some sort of fast food container laying out there, often soda bottles, cups, papers, just everything.”

“Perception of people as you grow up.

When you’re a little kid, you think adults can fix things.

Then, as you get older, you realize that they don’t fix things very well.”

“The cost of living.

I used to have money for fun and provide for my family.

Now every paycheck needs to be strictly strategized.”

“I work in healthcare and I would have to say the hospitals themselves have gotten progressively sh**tier. It’s at the point that I would not want to get sick and have them take care of me.

Hospitals are purely trying to make as much profit as possible and it is at the expense of the hospital staff and patients. It’s honestly horrifying.”

“Quality of everyday items.

They were more durable in the past.

Now they make them not to last so you’ll buy it again.”

“The Internet.

I remember when it started. Bulletin boards were the s**t. Inspired, interested people from around the world talking.

And then websites. Any fool could throw up some HTML and have a little website talking about their cat and their favourite video games.

Java chat rooms. Flash games. Game forums. It was the wild west. You could post anything, anonymously, view anything, freely.

It’s all gone now. And it’s getting worse and worse.”

“Take out and dine in.

The food quality has gone down the tubes and the prices are insane.”


It’s so hard to search for anything, even if you use quotes and boolean operators you get garbage results almost entirely unrelated to your query.

It used to be much better years ago.”

“Availability of quality clothing.

For example, in my city of just over 30k in the US there exactly 0 places to buy quality clothing that is not intended for Ag purposes. Not a single shoe store with handmade shoes.

Instead of looking through a store at quality items and knowing to avoid a certain brand the entire store can be written off with a quick glance.

There is a boot store with quality work boots(1 brand the rest are lower quality glue construction with fake Goodyear welts and synthetic leather uppers).

Good clothes and shoes worth purchasing and owning are a speciality item in huge swathes of the country.”

“The quality of politicians in the United States. And most of the rest of the world.

The majority are power hungry, money hungry people who shouldn’t be representing the people of their country/state in the first place. The few good ones are powerless to do anything against the crooked majority.”

“The gaming industry.

Too many people who have never played a game deciding if a game should be greenlit, and how they can squeeze as much money out of for as little cost as possible.”

“Disney World.

They keep increasing the prices on everything, adding additional charges while cutting back on experiences. The guests are coming in with s**ttier, more entitled attitudes because they’ve paid so much.

You can’t just go to any park on any day during your visit, you need to make a park reservation for each park you want to visit before you go, an extra hoop to jump through on your vacation – wasn’t this supposed to be relaxing?

The free complementary FastPass system has now become paywalled into the Genie+ system, (which is extra ghoulish because Robin Williams never wanted the Genie to be used for marketing purposes). You can now use the “lightning lane” to get on rides faster… For a price. And without that lightning lane access, you’ll have to wait hours in line, meaning you get on less rides during your visit.

The whole experience just sucks now. It used to be fun and relaxing… Now it’s just anxiety inducing.”

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