What’s Free on the Internet That Everyone Should Know? Here’s What People Said.

Even if you think you know all the bells and whistles as far as free things go online, you most likely are still missing out on a bunch of stuff that could really help you out.

And who doesn’t love free stuff?!?!

Folks on AskReddit shared free online resources they think we should all be taking advantage of.

Take a look at what they had to say.

“I LOVE Radio Garden!!

It’s just so cool to listen to other countries tastes in music. I love the ones in the UK as well as a few in Germany, China, & New Zealand.

I like to just close my eyes, pick s place on the map & see what they offer. Haven’t been too disappointed so far!!”


A browser extension that aggregates and automatically applies online coupons on eCommerce websites.”

“E Sound.

Its basically a rip off of Spotify except you don’t have to pay for nothing and listen to any song available on YouTube.”

“I know 3 websites to make school easier


Type in any math problem and it will provide you with steps to solve any answer.


Website for chemistry, periodical table, user friendly website to analyze any element from the table in detail


Rewrite any article with ease.”

“Wikipedia. We take that site for granted, big time.

There are few things in this world that do not have a Wikipedia page. People have dedicated hours, days, even their entire lives, to filling the site up with all the knowledge one could ever need. All that information is free!

Want to learn about the history of the escalator? Wikipedia has it. Interested in the Civil War? You bet you can find it on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia will not be around forever, folks. Use it while you have it. Read random articles. It’s fun.”

“Wolfram Alpha is legit the best online calculator.

It’s super powerful and explains it all.

Also, Desmos is a great online graphing software.”


For when you want to find an alternative to an any app.

The database is massive, and you can filter by platform and license.”

“Product Hunt.

Makers (mostly startups, but bigger names too) post their brand new products (mostly websites and apps) here.

The community is mostly professional devs and designers, so everything is super polished.

Great place to find incredibly useful apps.”

“In the US: weather.gov

No ads and a great resource for all things weather. You can also use the following affiliated sites:

nhc.noaa.gov – National Hurricane Center, for tracking tropical threats

spc.noaa.gov – Storm Prediction Center, for forecasting severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.”

“The Wayback machine.

I had a 500 page online thing I wanted to save but not copy-paste into a google doc.

Just popped the url of each page into the Wayback machine and now it’s saved there forever.

It’s awesome.”

“Find out where people – both famous and non-famous – are buried.

Read what’s inscribed on their monuments, read obits, and see comments posted by viewers.

“Find A Grave” can also be a helpful site for doing free family genealogy and locating where people have been interred that you lost touch with over time.”

“Some learning material:

Codecademy – free sessions and exercises for any coding language.

Coursera – Online courses & Certifications.( Not all courses/certifications are free, but worth it)

Cybrary – The Cybersecurity and IT Career Development Platform

Edx – Online courses & Certifications.( Not all courses/certifications are free, but worth it)

FreeCodeCamp – Learn to code at home.

Goal Kicker – Free programming books in any language.

Khan Academy -a non-profit educational organization.

Learn with Google – Courses and certifications from Google.

Learn with Microsoft on Edx (Free) – Courses from Microsoft.

MDN Web Docs – Resources for developers, by developers.

MIT courses -MIT’s OpenCourseware.

Octave -software featuring a high-level programming language, primarily intended for numerical computations. Basically free MatLab Alternative

R- programming language -free software environment for statistical computing and graphics

Repl.it – Code and collaborate, without friction.”

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, please tell us about more free resources that we should all know about.

We can’t wait!

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