What Would You Buy First if You Won a Million Dollars? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Oh, boy, this question…

I’ve pondered it many times throughout my life and I still think I have the same answer…

I’d buy a modest house somewhere near a beach…oh, and that house would have a pool.

That’s it!

What would you buy first if you won a million dollars?

AskReddit users spoke up.

“I would still keep my little house.

I would buy a $30k car and save the rest for a less stressful future.”

“Buy my mom and dad a nice house, pay all their bills and get them a nice car.

Just want them to live a stress free and easy life as they do so much for me.”

“A better laptop, a house and give some money to the poor.

I would give some money to my family of course.”

“Real estate. At this point, I don’t think it’s going back down.

I’m sure it’ll level off for a while, but with inflation moving the way it has and the market being as uncertain as it is, just having a hedge would be a good idea.”

“I’d pay off my house

Invest the rest into retirement

It’s not that much money really.”

“Immediately pay of my debts.

Give some money to immediate family member to cover their needs (within reason), buy some land with all mineral rights in my state and get a nice house built, trade in cars and get better ones.

Figure I would have 2-300k left, put half that away for college, deposit the rest in savings, keep working.”

“Being 18, I would invest it all.

250k into bonds as a fallback, another 200k into smart stocks like ETFs and 50K into more risky stocks and options hopefully to leverage my way into retirement faster. I’d put about 500k into dividend stocks so I can earn a liveable wage (like 32k yearly) for the rest of my life. I’d still work but hopefully part time kind of as a side hustle.

I’d rather set myself up for VERY early retirement rather than do what I’d actually like. Sounds kind of morbid but it’s a long run thing for me.”

“The very, very first thing I’d buy is everything I have saved in my Amazon wish list.

All the stuff I want/could really use, but can’t afford.”

“Buy some land and have a modest home built.

After that it would probably leave be with at least a quarter mil left to invest and try and prepare for retirement.”

“I’d have to give half of it away to the needy.

If I kept it all, I feel like that’s bad karma.

When I was homeless I met – tons – of people who could use the help.

Then, I’d pay my rent for the next two years.”

“A trip home to have dinner with all my friends. I

moved 850 miles away less than a month before Covid lockdowns and I haven’t made any friends yet.

I miss all my friends from home. It sucks trying to make friends as an adult.”

“New teeth for my sister.

She deserves confidence in her smile.”

“A house in the middle of nowhere!

Next neighbour 300km away!

Plant some food and weed and work on your own land.”

What would you buy first if you won a million bucks?

Tell us what you think in the comments.

Thanks in advance!

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