What Will Overwatch 2 Feature?

What Will Overwatch 2 Feature?

Blizzard’s Overwatch has revolutionized the esports industry by changing the way how people play games online. Overwatch features various characters that people can play as in teams of six as they contend in unique environments. There have been rumors about an Overwatch sequel for years. Today, we know that Blizzard will be releasing a sequel to the game soon.

Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2

During the BlizzCon 2019 event, Blizzard announced that Overwatch 2 is in production. It is unknown as to when the game will be released, but many details on the game have been released so far. More points on what people can expect will come out in the future, but the information out right now is already promising and enticing.

A PvE Experience

The most noteworthy part of Overwatch 2 is that the game will focus on a PvE or player-versus-environment experience. There will be many non-competitive missions in the game in two forms. First, there are the Story Missions where players will compete in missions with one another against the Null Sector, the army that players fought in some events in the original game.

The story missions will feature various new heroes to go alongside the old ones from the original game. Players can also collect items during these missions to improve upon their performance. These include items like grenades, shields, and health generators.

The Hero Missions are important to the game as well. The hero missions are games where people can play as different heroes in the game. Players can level up their characters and customize their abilities, among other features. The hero missions are single-player games that will impact how well the heroes can compete in the co-op missions.

A New Game Mode

The Push game will be a new part of Overwatch 2. Two teams will fight over control of a robot that will push a barrier along. The team that pushes the robot the furthest in the match will win.

Other Stuff of Note

There are many other things to see in Overwatch 2:

  • There will be various new heroes and environments to play in.
  • The PvP features in the first Overwatch game will carry over to the second game. Players can carry whatever they have collected from the first game to the new one.
  • Some images of Overwatch 2 have appeared, and the graphics engine appears to be the same as what is used in the original game. The requirements for play and the options for access will be released in the future, but they should be around the same as what people use today.

It is unclear as to when Overwatch 2 will be released. Details on what it would cost will be revealed in the future as well. But the game is expected to be a great evolution to one of the most popular and influential esports games around. The single-player and co-op features in Overwatch 2 will particularly prove that the game is more than something that is all about competition.

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