What will be the next Disney after Raya and the last dragon?  - Cinema News

What will be the next Disney after Raya and the last dragon? – Cinema News

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While “Raya and the Last Dragon” has been available on Disney + since June 4, find out what will be the next feature film from Disney studios, due in our theaters on November 24.

Available exclusively on the Disney + platform since June 4, Raya and the Last Dragon (59th animation classic signed by the famous studios) takes us to the enchanted kingdom of Kumandra, in the footsteps of a young heroine in charge of restore harmony between the 5 tribes of his divided world, by going in search of the last dragon.

But after this epic journey, what new surprise are the Disney artists preparing for us?

Announced in our theaters for November 24, the 60th animated feature film from the enchanted studio is called Encanto, the fantastic Madrigal family. Very little information has yet been revealed about this mysterious and promising film, except that it will be set in Colombia. We will follow the adventures of a family living in an enchanted house and in particular in Mirabel, the only one in their home that does not have magical powers.

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Signed by Byron Howard (director of Volt, Rapunzel and Zootopia) and by his friend Jared Bush, Encanto (whose title means “charm” or “enchantment” in Spanish) has already been very briefly revealed through a first teaser (below).

As these 30 rhythmic and colorful seconds suggest, Encanto will notably be a musical journey, the score of which will be orchestrated by the famous Lin-Manuel Miranda, already at work on the songs of Vaiana and soon on the new version of The Little Mermaid in live shots.

Note also that Encanto will be a first for the artists of the Disney studios, who had never yet put their bags in Colombia, even if they had already visited South America on several occasions, in The Three Caballeros, Saludos Amigos and Kuzco, the megalomaniac emperor.

(Re) discover the trailer for “Encanto” …

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