What we want to see at Sony’s September show

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Sony is gearing up for its next PlayStation Showcase, set to stream at 4PM ET (1PM PT) on September 9, 2021, via Twitch and YouTube. Not too much is known about the company’s plans other than them involving both first- and third-party studios, and the promise of a look into the future of PS5. Every PlayStation owner has their own wishlist for Sony events, but here are some of the things we’re hoping to see at Sony’s PlayStation event 2021 — realistically or otherwise.

1. The first gameplay footage of God of War 2/Ragnarok

Perhaps the one thing that’s both likely and highly anticipated is gameplay footage from the next God of War — occasionally referred to as God of War: Ragnarok, though that subtitle isn’t official, at least not yet. The game was first teased in September 2020 and is due sometime in 2022, so it’s high time people saw what it looks like. Indeed, rumors have claimed this will happen, and Sony previously promised details by the end of summer.

Perhaps the one thing that’s both likely and highly anticipated is footage from the next God of War.

Because the title has been kept in the shadows, not much is known about its story or gameplay. It will presumably expand on the last game’s combat and tackle the subject of Ragnarok, the Norse apocalypse in which many of the gods are supposed to be killed (something Kratos has a lot of experience in). A stinger at the end of 2018’s God of War promised a confrontation with Thor, the god of thunder. If we’re really lucky Sony might use September 9 to reveal a release date, but it’s probably hesitant to be specific, as it was originally targeting a release by the end of 2021.

2. A PlayStation Now that’s actually competitive with Xbox Game Pass

Ps5 ps now

PS Now should by all rights be a superior rival to both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming. It includes a larger library of titles, some of them reaching as far back as the PS2. In practice, though, subscribers don’t get any PS5 games, much less day-one releases, which mainly makes it useful as a way of checking out old titles without paying full price.

Sony is almost certainly looking to revamp PS Now, since Game Pass is such a clear advantage for Xbox owners. The company also needs to be able to deliver new games via the cloud — not so much for the current market but the one to come, in which streaming Final Fantasy 23 or Uncharted 9 on your phone is indistinguishable from playing on a console.

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The question for the PlayStation event 2021 is whether Sony is ready to announce anything. Since the event is scheduled to last 40 minutes, the answer is likely no, but we’re hopeful that we’ll see a PS Now overhaul within the next year.

3. A new Spider-Man game

Ps5 spider man miles morales —could we see a new spider man game at the september sony playstation event?

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

One of the best-selling PS5 games so far has been Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Being both successful and a Marvel-branded property, a sequel was inevitable, and it’s even teased within the original game and the spin-off. Any follow-up will have the advantage of being optimized for the PS5, whereas the original simply looks better and loads faster on that console than on the PS4.

It could be too early for gameplay to be shown, since Morales was released alongside the PS5 in November 2020. It’s not impossible, however, and Sony is doubtless in a rush to get more marquee PS5 games out the door.

4. Bloodborne PS5 upgrades (and maybe a PC port)

Bloodborne ps4 screenshot — could we see ps5 upgrades at september sony playstation event?

FromSoftware’s Dark Souls spinoff is over six years old but retains a dedicated fanbase. It mixes traditional gothic horror with touches of H.P. Lovecraft, and, having Souls-style mechanics at its core, manages to be a better Lovecraft game than many based on the original stories.

Bloodborne could stand a PS5 upgrade, since a sequel is either a long way off or not coming at all. Baseline improvements would include 4K resolution and 60fps framerates. FromSoftware might also wrap in texture and lighting enhancements, as well as minor gameplay tweaks, although that’s probably a tall ask from a company rushing to finish Elden Ring.

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Even less likely to show this week is a long-demanded PC port. While other FromSoftware games are available on Steam, it doesn’t make much sense for Sony to talk PC games during a PlayStation event, except perhaps in passing.

5. More Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo is the grandaddy of realistic console racing and frequently a showcase for Sony consoles. While there may be a PS4 version of GT7, the game will exploit every aspect of the PS5, from flash storage and ray tracing through to DualSense controller feedback.

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Gran Turismo 7 was first revealed in June 2020 with a 2021 target window — but like many games, it was pushed into 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It makes sense to show a little more now, as like God of War it’s a first-party Sony game, and it’s been a while since fans have had any meat to chew on.

6. More Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is all well and good, but even diehard series fans are probably finished with the first part already and looking for something new. Final Fantasy 16 was announced in September 2020, yet it remains mysterious beyond its basic plot and characters.

That includes even the vaguest release window. Indeed, there’s a strong chance Sony will mention Final Fantasy 16 on September 9 just to offer a timeframe, although as Square Enix’s next flagship RPG, no one should expect huge amounts of gameplay footage until 2022. The game probably won’t ship until 2023.

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7. Being able to buy a PS5

Ps5 side

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The PS5 has actually sold extremely well so far, topping US records for any console. The sad truth though is that most people can’t get their hands on one at list price. Scalpers are snapping up units as soon as they become available, selling them back to the public for hundreds of dollars extra. If you’re happy with your current gaming library, there’s no sense rushing out to get a PS5.

It’s hard to say how Sony could circumvent the scalpers, so we’re not expecting it to comment during the event. But it would be nice to hear that it’s sorting out production bottlenecks, or that it has found a sales method that defeats bots. There is, after all, little point in a fantastic roster of PlayStation games if there’s no station to play on. Sony is presumably doing everything it can, but some reassurances on the PlayStation event 2021 stream could assuage some frustrated fans.

What do you want to see at the PlayStation event 2021? Let us know in the comments.

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