What we did to the Good Lord 3: cinema release postponed for comedy with Christian Clavier and Chantal Lauby – cinema news

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Expected in the fall of 2021, the third part of the family saga, “What have we all done to God?”, Is postponed to 2022.

What we did to the good lord 3: cinema release postponed for comedy with christian clavier and chantal lauby - cinema news
UGC Distribution

The reunion with the Verneuil family is postponed. Initially expected at the cinema on October 13, What have we all done to the Good Lord? is postponed to the first quarter of 2022, more precisely the February 2, 2022. No reason has yet been put forward by the distributor UGC Distribution concerning this postponement of a little over three months.

Still led by Christian Clavier and Chantal Lauby, the third part of Philippe de Chauveron’s comedy will bring together parents, daughters, sons-in-law and their respective parents in the family house in Chinon, for a big surprise celebration around the 40 years of the Verneuil’s marriage. Enough to provoke, undoubtedly, multiple cultural shocks between the different in-laws …

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For this third opus, new actors have joined the cast to play the parents of David (Ary Abittan), Rachid (Medi Sadoun) and Chao (Frédéric Chau), “which will come respectively from Israel, Algeria and China”, according to Sadoun. Chantal Lauby confided as for her to have “laughed a lot ” at the microphone of RTL. “I find that Philippe de Chauveron manages to renew himself with this subject and he manages to take us elsewhere. We will discover all the families and we will have fun”.

Released in 2014, What did we do to the good Lord? had registered 12,366,862 * admissions, the 19th biggest success of all time in France. Five years later, the sequel What have we done to the Good Lord? entertained 6,722,062 * spectators.

* source CBO (www.cbo-boxoffice.com)

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