What Was Attractive 10 Years Ago but Isn’t Today? Here’s What People Said.

As you are well aware, trends come and go, and things have their moments in the sun.

But some things just stay attractive no matter what decade it is.

Today we will talking about the opposite of that: things that were attractive 10 years ago but ARE NOT today.

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

“Having a moustache tattooed on the side of your finger.

My sister got that tattoo…”

“You remember the like… groomed lumberjack look?

I like to think I’m still like that, but I have gained 20 pounds…”

“My classmates.

I swear, every one of them is on crack now…”

“Being an independent musician. 10 years ago I was just out of college and if someone did ANY type of their own s**t I thought it was cool & s**y.

Now I actually listen to see of its GOOD before being impressed. SoundCloud had a WAY different effect on music than what I originally thought.”

“No freckles. I was hideously b**lied for having freckles in secondary school.

Now kids are drawing them on and my nieces are obsessed with mine.”


It was just like being a real farmer, just without the BENEFITS!


“Social media

“Oooh we can communicate to everyone!”

“F**k, we have to listen to everyone.””

“The Justin Bieber haircut.

And guys flicking their head to get their bangs out of their eyes every 15 seconds.”

“For me, Uber.

There was a beautiful little period in time where it was new and exciting, random guys from work would make good money driving for Uber for a couple hours at night or on the weekend, and the people who used it were sort of in the same culture as the ones driving. Everyone was just happy to be involved.

As it became more mainstream and profitable, it attracted people who exploited drivers and passengers, then government regulation came in both to combat this exploitation and protect entrenched economic interests. Participants went from casual, volunteer drivers to driving for a meager living. Coverage fell sharply in places where it had initially been strong.

Now, pretty much all Uber drivers seem burned out and unhappy. Makes me miss the optimism of the early 2010s.”

“The answer to these questions is always eyebrows.

Paper thin eyebrows, giant painted eyebrows… every few years the trend changes and the the old trend is mocked.

Just embrace your natural brows. Clean em up a tad if you want .”

“Kevin Spacey.

He had such charisma.

But now we know…”

“Honestly I miss the blogging culture. Articles written with honesty and passion, mostly to connect with real life friends first and online audiences second.

Only the biggest bloggers could make a living off blogging. They were the original influencers. Easy to avoid though because there were just a handful of them, unlike the influencer culture of today.

The one thing I love about blogging culture were the honest reviews. No advertisers to please, just regular folks writing their opinions on something they’ve used long term. Back then Google even had a specific search engine exclusively for blogs.

Blogs were proper article length. Then Twitter came out and no one has the attention span anymore. That was the beginning of blogging downfall. What a shame.”

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