What US Elections Saw the Highest Voter Turnout Rates?

Most modern presidential elections in the United States have a turnout of between 50 and 60 percent. Yet voter turnout has fluctuated throughout the country’s history depending on who has the right to vote, whether those who have the right to vote are actually able to vote, and how much voters perceive. the stakes of an election. Already, the 2020 election appears to have the highest turnout in over a century.

Highest voter turnout ever recorded in the 1870s

The lowest voter turnout for a presidential race was in 1792, when the only people who could vote were white males, and some states limited voting to white males who were owners. That year, a paltry 6.3 percent of that narrow field of eligible voters, or about 28,000 people, re-elected George Washingtion. The first time the presidential voter turnout exceeded 50% was in 1828, when Andrew Jackson defeated incumbent John Quincy Adams. After that, the trend is up, peaking at the end of the 19th century.

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