What Traditions Need to Be Stopped? Here’s What People Said.

It always gets on my nerves when people excuse their bad behavior by saying something like, “well, that’s just the way I was raised.”

Well, guess what?

That doesn’t make it right!

And we’re gonna hear from folks on AskReddit today about what they think needs to stop being passed down through the generations.

Take a look!

“Toxic feminism/Toxic masculinity.

My ex-wife’s mother was a very toxic woman who used to control everything at her home. Her husband (my ex FiL) was nothing more than a puppet who had to do what her wife said (think like a cuckold, but in a non sexual way).

Unfortunately, my wife got the same traits as her mother and tried to pull the same tricks on me after marriage. And this was after we had been dating for about 4 yrs before getting married.

After marriage, it was like I was living with an entirely different person than who I was dating. Her inherited traits ruined me, my life, my family and everything that was dear to me.

I have finally started to rebuild my life, and am hoping for the best.”


Everybody my age I know who smokes do so because their parents/guardians either enabled them to or did not care enough to stop them. It’s terrible. The amount of sh**ty parents who introduce their children to ci**rettes, hard drugs and whatnot is insane.

My cousin got addicted to h**oin at 14 through this and now spends his days at a mental hospital.”


People should be able to grow up and decide for themselves, but that’s really not the case.”

“Making kids hug/kiss/snuggle relatives even if they don’t want to because “grandpa/grandma will have their feelings hurt if you don’t”.

Shows kids that their own bodily autonomy is worth less than someone else’s feelings. Also gives them a messed up view of what consent is”

“I know someone that has had KKK stuff passed down, he’s never shown it off but I know he kept it.

Some family history just doesn’t need to be kept alive.”

“The “Stay in school, go to college, get a good job, get married, and buy a house” mentality is very old school and it’s not easy as people think.”

“Guys making the first move.

Yeah, I’m kinda over that stereotype.

Which is why I confessed my feelings to my ex bf/current friend first.”

“Bigotry and r**ism of every race (black, white, hispanic, middle eastern, indigenous, aboriginal pacific islanders or asian).”

“Beating/physically disciplining kids.

Super unethical and unhealthy, theres no point apart from your own selfish stress relief.”

“The idea that one generation is better/had it better than another.

Every generation is vastly different and there will always be struggles.”

“The whole ‘blood is thicker then water” idea.

If people in your family suck, remove them from your lives. Just because you are related doesn’t mean you have to put up with them.

This usually only applies for extended family mostly, but can still apply to immediate-family.”

“Bipolar Disorder.

Some genetic counselling on family history could be really handy.”

Now it’s your turn.

Tell us what you think about this in the comments.

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