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Among the many Netflix dating reality shows on the platform, Love Never Liesa Spanish reality series where six couples with very valid trust issues arrive at a luxurious villa to win a lump sum of money by undergoing a lie detector test, may be the wildest one.

Created and hosted by Mónica Naranjo in 2021, and now in its second season, Love Never Lies is messy in the best way possible. Prior to arriving at the villa, we learn that each couple has experienced some type of infidelity. Some couples sign on to try to rebuild their crumbling relationship, while others are there to confirm their suspicions that their partner’s cheating was more serious. All contestants, however, are competing for money.

What To Watch This Week
What To Watch This Week

Each round, partners are asked very personal questions that dive deep into their relationship while under a lie detector test.

The contestants start off with €40,000 pooled together, and the amount goes up or decreases based on how honest everyone is. Every time a partner tells the truth, €1,000 gets added to the pot, however the prize money is reduced by €1,000 any time a contestant answers with a lie. The couples are forced to split up after the first round to spend the remainder of the show apart. The partners who remain at the villa are joined by new singles, some are past lovers, and they are meant to test the partner’s loyalty.

As the show progresses and the contestants’ true colors are exposed, it seems as if everyone just stops caring about the prize. Honestly, as a viewer, you’ll forget this is even a competition. It’s not pretty, but it is riveting. Pocharapon Neammanee

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