What To Watch In Autumn

Autumn is undoubtedly the most beautiful season of the year. The dropping of the leaves with warm hues of orange, yellow and red makes nature spellbindingly beautiful. It feels like the entire world has transformed in appearance, bringing fresh air and renewed energy to all. With the weather getting cooler, it is the perfect time of year to cozy indoor activities like watching movies or TV shows. Therefore, we have curated a list of the most intriguing content that you should watch this autumn.

1. Squid Game

The new Korean thriller series Squid Game is undoubtedly one of the most talked-about shows of the year. The series revolves around a group of financially struggling people who join an extravagant life and death game with a grand prize of £30 million. Although the show revolves around a classic premise, the series’ unique thrill accompanied by eye-catching cinematography and plot twists makes this Netflix original series worth watching.

2. Midnight Mass

The captivating and intriguing Midnight Mass, the latest multi-genre series, takes us to a secluded island that experiences miraculous occurrences after the arrival of a controversial new priest. Despite its potential horror tag, the series focusses more on theological debates, the concept of faith and unexplainable events that challenge a community’s beliefs. This latest offering from Mike Flanagan, the filmmaker behind the widely acclaimed Haunting of Hill House series, promises viewers a thrilling yet thought-provoking experience.

3. Dopesick

Dopesick, USA Network’s eight-episode television miniseries, is inspired by a non-fiction book about the opioid epidemic. The series depicts the trials and tribulations of characters, including patients and medical staff, who are entangled in the dangerous and addictive nature of an opioid medication. The potent performances from a star-studded cast, including Peter Sarsgaard and Michael Keaton, make this series an emotionally impactful experience.

4. The Many Saints Of Newark

Based on HBO’s legendary original series, The Sopranos, The Many Saints of Newark, directed by David Chase, takes audiences back to the 1960s to depict the origins of the show’s iconic characters. The movie tells the story of the new kind of gangster, Tony Soprano’s uncle, in his youth and the soon-to-erupt Newark, New Jersey race riots. The movie score is compiled of classic rock and roll hits and a stunning performance from James Gandolfini’s son make this movie worth watching.

5. No Time To Die

Daniel Craig excites 007 fans as he returns for his final appearance as the iconic spy in No Time To Die. Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, this much-awaited 25th Bond film is set to explore Bond’s adventures as a retired MI6 agent. The film delves into the complexities of the spy’s decision to quit his job and his journey to come back to rescue the world. With a thrilling combination of action, drama, and mystery, audiences surely won’t be disappointed.

6. Succession (Season 3)

Succession, the fascinating series depicting the Roy family’s cut-throat corporate world struggles, returns for its third season. The season continues the story from the season two cliffhanger that leaves Shiv Roy as the newest Roy family adversary, challenging the company’s dynamics to achieve a better standard of life. The show’s dynamic and engaging storytelling, alongside an impeccable star cast, makes it one of the most-watched series worldwide.

7. The Dune

Denis Villeneuve, the filmmaker behind Arrival and Blade Runner 2049, is back with another epic sci-fi movie, The Dune. Based on Frank Herbert’s legendary sci-fi novel, the movie tells the story of a feud between two noble families, the Atreides and the Harkonnens, battling for control of a desert planet and its coveted “spice” resource. The film’s action-packed sequences, along with stunning cinematography and an impressive cast that includes Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya, make this movie on the must-watch list of autumn.

FAQs section:

Q: What are the best shows to watch during autumn?
A: There are several shows that are perfect for watching during autumn, including Squid Game, Midnight Mass, Dopesick and Succession Season 3. Each show promises to be a thrilling experience, perfect for the cozy indoor season.

Q: Are there any movies that are worth watching this autumn?
A: Absolutely. This autumn boasts several movies worth watching, including No Time To Die, The Many Saints of Newark, and Denis Villeneuve’s The Dune.

Q: What is the most talked-about show in autumn?
A: Squid Game, the Korean thriller series from Netflix, has quickly become one of the most talked-about shows of 2021.

Q: Is there a thought-provoking show that is worth a watch this autumn?
A: Check out Dopesick, the USA Network’s miniseries based on a non-fiction book about the opioid epidemic. The potent performances and plot of the episode make it one for thought-provoking viewing.

Q: Should I watch Succession season 3?
A: Of course, season 3 of Succession is one of the most anticipated shows this autumn, with millions of viewers eagerly waiting to see what happens to the Roy family. The show’s plot twist and dynamics make it worth the wait.

In conclusion, autumn is full of beauty and magic. The above listed promising movies and series are perfect for indulging in during this cozy season and make the most of the gorgeous weather. These promising series and movies are a blend of genre and promise to satisfy the viewer’s unique preferences. So, grab a blanket, maybe a mug of warmth, and these fantastic shows, sit back and enjoy the cozy autumn evenings.

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