What To Watch After Working!!

After a tiring day at work, all we want to do is unwind and relax. Some people may choose to hit the gym, while others may read a book or listen to some music. However, one of the most popular ways to de-stress after work is by binge-watching television shows or movies. If you’re struggling to decide what to watch next, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll share some of the best shows and movies to watch after work.

1. Friends

Friends is an old but timeless classic that never gets old. The show revolves around six friends who navigate life and love in New York City. It’s light-hearted, humorous, and extremely addictive. If you’re looking for something to make you feel good after a long day at work, Friends is the perfect choice.

2. The Crown

The Crown is a historical drama that follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. It’s an intricate and fascinating look at the British monarchy and the events that have shaped modern history. The show is incredibly well-produced, with stunning visuals and fantastic acting. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys history, drama, or all things British.

3. The Office

The Office is another popular show that never seems to get old. It’s a mockumentary-style sitcom that follows the day-to-day lives of employees working at a paper company. The show is hilarious, quirky, and relatable, making it perfect for anyone who needs a good laugh after a stressful day at work.

4. Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a science fiction anthology series that explores the darker side of technology and society. Each episode stands alone and tells a different story, but they all have a common theme: the unintended consequences of our obsession with technology. The show is thought-provoking, disturbing, and incredibly well-written and acted.

5. The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit is a limited series that follows the life of an orphaned chess prodigy named Beth Harmon. The show is based on the novel of the same name by Walter Tevis. It’s a beautifully shot, character-driven drama that explores themes of addiction, perseverance, and the power of the human mind.

6. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is a mockumentary-style sitcom that follows a group of government employees working in the parks and recreation department of a small town in Indiana. The show is hilarious, sweet, and incredibly heartwarming. It’s perfect for anyone who needs a little positivity and optimism in their life.

7. Mindhunter

Mindhunter is a crime drama series that explores the early days of criminal profiling. The show follows two FBI agents who interview serial killers in an attempt to better understand their motivations. It’s a dark, intense, and incredibly well-written and acted show that’s perfect for anyone who loves true crime.

8. The West Wing

The West Wing is a political drama series that follows the lives of the staff and advisors working in the White House. The show is incredibly well-written, with sharp dialogue and exceptional acting. It’s perfect for anyone who loves politics or is interested in how the American government works.

9. The Haunting of Bly Manor

The Haunting of Bly Manor is a gothic horror series that follows a young governess who takes care of two orphaned children in a haunted house. The show is beautifully shot, with stunning cinematography and exceptional acting. It’s perfect for anyone who loves horror or gothic literature.

10. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a crime drama series that follows a high school chemistry teacher who turns to making and selling meth after being diagnosed with cancer. The show is intense, gritty, and incredibly well-written and acted. It’s perfect for anyone who loves crime dramas or anti-hero stories.


1. What’s the best type of show to watch after work?

The type of show you should watch after work depends on your personal preferences, mood, and level of exhaustion. If you’re in the mood for something light-hearted and humorous, you might enjoy an old sitcom like Friends or The Office. If you’re looking for something more intense and thought-provoking, you might enjoy a drama like The Crown or Breaking Bad.

2. How many episodes should I watch in one sitting?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question – it really depends on your personal preference and level of fatigue. Some people might prefer to watch one or two episodes and then go to bed, while others might be able to binge-watch an entire season in one sitting. It’s important to listen to your body and take breaks if you feel too tired or overstimulated.

3. Are there any shows or movies I should avoid watching after work?

Again, this depends on your personal preferences and sensitivities. However, it’s generally a good idea to avoid watching anything too violent, emotionally intense, or disturbing if you’re already feeling overwhelmed or stressed. If you’re not in the mood for anything heavy, try watching something light-hearted and fun instead.

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