What this Covid-19 survivor wants protesters to know

What this Covid-19 survivor wants protesters to know

Her muscles are so weak that it takes 45 minutes to take a quick shower.

“I basically had to relearn to walk because of a 100% bedridden muscle wasting for 2 weeks. I AM LUCKY TO LIVE,” continued the post. “Stay in your house. Take the money the government gives you. Stop complaining and be thankful for your health. Thank you Governor Evers for caring more about our HEALTH than our WEALTH.”

His message was praised and criticized as hundreds of protesters across the country asked the governors to end the house arrest orders and reopen all businesses.

Blomberg said she sympathizes with protesters who are struggling financially – she too lost her job as a receptionist during the pandemic.

But she echoed to health officials who said the country was not ready to reopen because the epidemic was not yet under control.
As of Tuesday, more than 788,900 people had been infected in the United States, according to Johns Hopkins University. More than 42,400 people have died in the past two months.

Blomberg said the demands of the protesters are short-sighted because the virus is still spreading relentlessly.

“If you’re in a hospital bed, you don’t make any money anyway. In fact, you get into more debt,” Blomberg told CNN.

“If you’re dead, it doesn’t matter anyway – you won’t be able to support your family. You’re going to have your medical bills, your funeral costs, you’re going to leave only for them in addition to everything . ”

“People don’t understand how easily it spreads”

Blomberg, with her husband Jeremy, believed that only the elderly and immunocompromised were at risk.
Like many millennials, Blomberg said she did not think she would suffer from serious complications from the coronavirus.

She started experiencing flu-like symptoms on March 19. “I felt like I was hit by a truck,” said Blomberg.

She then lost her sense of taste and smell, symptoms common to Covid-19.

“It wasn’t until the 24th that I didn’t have the energy to get to the bathroom in time – when I finally said to my husband,” Take me to the emergency room, “said Blomberg.

“They immediately called an ambulance to take me to a hospital that accepted patients from Covid. And when I got there, they said,” You don’t have enough oxygen. We will have to intubate you. “So I was placed in a medically induced coma and put on a ventilator.”

She tested positive for coronavirus but still has “absolutely no idea” how she got infected.

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“We had no one around us who fell ill or died,” said Blomberg.

“I didn’t know I was at risk. I am 35 years old. I have no underlying medical issues that would have compromised my immunity.”

But since sharing her story on Facebook, she has received a torrent of messages from other people who were suddenly hit by Covid-19.

“I have received messages from people in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Florida, Pennsylvania,” said Blomberg.

“Many of these people who reached out have experienced what I have experienced, or a family member has suffered. And people don’t understand how easily it spreads. ”

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Struggling to walk again

Blomberg’s nine days in a coma led to muscle wasting – wasting or loss of muscle tissue.

“The recovery is probably the worst,” she said. “Basically, you have to learn to walk again, because your muscles … it’s like you’ve never used them before.”

This is where the 50 states stand on reopening

What was a 15-minute shower “is now 45 minutes … and it tries to do everything as quickly as possible,” she said.

Her physical anxiety is now compounded by the financial pain of hospital bills.

She has only received part of her medical bills, but owes $ 11,000 to date.

Blomberg laughed when he thought about how quickly his life has changed in recent weeks.

“Not only do I not have a job, but now I don’t have this money” for medical bills, she said.

A message for the demonstrators

Blomberg hopes that sharing his ordeal will prevent others from suffering. And that means encouraging protesters to stay at home and obey orders for shelter there.

“Many of these people will not understand until it happens to them or someone they love. And that is really sad,” said Blomberg.

“If you think things are bad now, if you get sick and go to the hospital, these 5-digit, 6-digit bills – it’s going to be even worse.”

It is not only worried for the demonstrators, but also for all the others whom they could infect by asymptomatic propagation. This includes healthcare workers, some of whom died of Covid-19.

“It’s a slap in the face: ‘Oh yes, thank you to all these workers who care for the sick … and oh, by the way, you have Covid now.'” Said Blomberg.

“There are hospital workers who have been ventilated and who have not. I pray that I have not infected any of the people who took good care of me.”

Why do medical workers get sick or die from a coronavirus?

Like many Covid-19 patients, Blomberg said that the hospital in which she was being treated was frantically busy.

“I was next to the nurses’ station and I constantly heard their alarms go off to the patient rooms,” she said.

“If we were to open now, (the hospitals) would certainly be overwhelmed.”

Inside a hospital overflowed with patients and deaths at Covid-19

When she sees protesters wanting to reopen the country right now, “all I can do is just shake my head,” said Blomberg.

“We have to wait for the medical community to say it’s OK. They are the ones who know what’s going on. They are the ones who know, who have the facts, who have all the data. They are the ones who we should finally listen to . “

Meanwhile, Blomberg wants everyone to know “it could happen to anyone”.

“It’s so frustrating – to know how serious and horrible this is, and people always say,” It’s a hoax. There is no one in hospitals. No one dies. “Open your eyes,” she said.

“There are many, many people in hospitals, (and) too many people are dying.”

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