What Should You Never Do in the United States? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Every country around the world has rules and regulations that you need to follow when you’re there.

And there are also a lot of unspoken rules too that you should be familiar with.

AskReddit users focused on the good, ol’ USA and talked about things they don’t think you should ever do there.

Let’s see what they had to say.

“Don’t fly a drone in Washington, DC.

The whole D.C. Area is a no fly zone.

It’s a federal offense. Just don’t do it.”

“Don’t try to bribe cops when you get pulled over.

I had some Argentinian friends immediately pull out their wallets and start pooling their cash when they got pulled over once.

Fortunately someone in the car noticed and told them to put it away immediately.”

“Everyone, including foreigners,has the right to be silent and have a lawyer when being questioned.

Don’t say anything.

Also, even if you speak English fairly well, ask for an interpreter.”

“Don’t wander off in the national parks.

It’s very real wilderness and you can get lost out there. This includes going over
railings or off trails.

People have d**d accidentally falling into a steam geyser that looked like normal water, mauled by animals or left to the elements.”

“If you come from a walkable country don’t come here expecting the same.

There are some areas with good public transportation and bicycle/pedestrian friendly streets but for the most part, especially outside of cities, the areas are designed to accommodate cars more than anything else.

The reason a lot of Americans drive everywhere is because (depending on where you live) we have no choice.”

“You should never do anything remotely harmful to a bald/golden eagle.

Sounds like a generic American meme, but it’s very illegal.”

“Under no circumstances should you say: “I’m going to shoot the president of the United States.”

Especially not on TV.”

“I feel like this should be common knowledge, but you don’t run from the police.

They won’t tolerate that s**t here.”

“NO Trespassing, Private Property, locked gates, fences.

Do not ignore them, we take private property laws very seriously in thr USA.”

“Pee in public.

Its kind of “normal” here in Brazil, but in the US you will be put in front of a judge.”

“My friend has been driving for Uber since the early days and never filed taxes for what he made.

They just got caught up to him from 2016-2020. He’s f**ked.”

“Regardless of what movies and TV portray, don’t hitchhike.

It’s not only dangerous but outright illegal in (I believe) most states.”

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