What Places Are Easy to Enter but Difficult to Leave? People Shared Their Thoughts.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about the question posed in the title of this article is the fortress in Enter the Dragon, starring the legendary Bruce Lee.

That’s a perfectly normal response, right?

What places are easy to enter but difficult to leave?

Let’s see what folks had to say about this on AskReddit.

“Grandma’s house.

That ain’t no joke

“Want a slice of pie before you go?””

“The church of Scientology.

The best part is I’ve seen ads for Scientology on TV, Comedy Central in particular.

Ya know, the channel that plays South Park episodes about how f**ked up Scientology is.”


Plenty of people don’t realise how flimsy it all is.

One or two mistakes and you can find yourself in a financial situation that’s going to take years to escape.”


It’s the Wonka factory of furnishing stores.

Everything has a wacky name, and you have to go forward to go back.”

“Underwater caves (specifically without cave training/gear). The water is air clear, so it’s very inviting. Super easy to go just a bit too far.

Once you’re in, there are a lot of ways to d**. You can take a turn down a side passage without realizing it, stir up the bottom with poor technique, have a light failure without proper backups, stay too long and not reserve enough gas for exit, get stuck, have an unfixable reg failure without redundancy, etc.

Lots of really experienced open water divers have kicked the bucket in caves. Sometimes they were right near the exit, they just didn’t have the training or gear to get there.

Cave diving is f**king awesome, but you have to be prepared for it, and your PADI DM cert will just make you more confident as you swim to your d**th.”


There are so many things nowadays, not only drugs, that can be addicting and really hard to quit.”

“Mexico if you’re entering from the United States.

Seriously, you can just walk into Mexico whenever you want, but leaving you have to wait in a very long line and get your passport checked and sometimes your car/bags searched even if you got nothing illegal going on.

I love Mexico, but man, going back into the States is always a hassle.”

“Any thrift/antique place really.

Its hard to get bored in them when there’s literally something completely different and unique right around the corner.

And a lot of them are practically mazes with how the shelves and rooms are set up.”

“The internet.

After a while of being exposed to it, you find yourself being sucked in. A little while ago, my internet was not working.

…Those were the best god**mn days of my life.”

“NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory.

I went there a few times, and it was easy getting in, but there was so many steps to just leave the facility/clean room.

Also, I found that flights to the area always seem to get delayed on the way back to the east coast.”

“Some shopping centers.

I once spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how the hell I could get out again.”

“Mental institutions.

Once you’ve convinced someone you’re psychotic, it’s nearly impossible to convince the staff otherwise.”


. You need a lawyer to expunge your personal information to fully leave it.

Most members, me included, agree (are coerced) to joining at age 8.”

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