What movies to watch on VOD this week from February 7 to 13?

What movies to watch on VOD this week from February

What are the latest VOD releases? The answer in our weekly recap.

Parents of students

Available on VOD February 7, 2021

Vincent, in his thirties without children, infiltrates a tribe with codes and mysterious language: the parents of students. Getting together at parent-teacher meetings, school outings and the end-of-year fair is quite a feat! But now, Vincent has a very good reason to be there and even ends up feeling good in this rather special community …

Beating heart

Available on VOD on February 9, 2021

Julie and Yuval love each other and live in Paris. Overnight, this close-knit couple must face a forced separation. Him in Tel Aviv, in his hometown, she in Paris with their baby, they continue to live together but through interposed screens. This life by proxy will quickly know its limits. The distance will put their love to the test …

A little family resemblance

Available on VOD February 10, 2021

Family is all about happiness! Finally, as long as you do not quarrel or make whims! What if taking care of each other was the greatest adventure? Five family stories for children, their parents and their grandparents!

Walks under the stars

Available on VOD February 10, 2021

At night, nothing is quite the same… Six short films about the night, dreams, fear of the dark and encounters between animals and men… Five young directors with fertile imaginations for a poetic night walk.

Choum’s Odyssey

Available on VOD February 10, 2021

Choum, the little owl has just hatched when the storm pushes her out of the nest. Rolling the second egg of the litter, here she dashes through thick and thin, determined to find a mother …

Little tales of the night

Available on VOD February 10, 2021

A story, a hug, a good bed, it doesn’t take much to sleep well! Six tales-soft toys to approach with the little ones the world of sleep and the night.


Available on VOD on February 11, 2021

In this modern take on Mary Shelley’s cult work, The Good Doctor is a war-traumatized former veteran obsessed with bringing the dead back to life. From this obsession is born Adam, a veritable patchwork of body and mind, who tries somehow to get used to his new existence. Indeed, the brain he inherited belonged to Alex, a young man stabbed and left for dead, who is gradually reclaiming this new body …