What Movie Sequel Is Better Than the Original? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Believe it or not, there are some sequels that are better than the original films.

Yes, it’s rare, but it happens…

I mean, have you ever seen Friday the 13th Part 2?

I love that movie! And I personally think it’s a lot better than the original movie.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about what sequels they prefer over the original.

“Terminator 2.

T2 is so good it makes you forget just how good T1 was.”

“I prefer Aliens over Alien but I still think Alien was a good film and has cultural impact still today.”

“Final Destination 2.

Yeah, it’s not a good movie exactly but it’s the one with the logging truck on the highway scene.

No one remembers anything about the first one.”

“Shrek 2 does what any good sequel should aspire to do. It logically continues the story of the original in a way that makes sense. No retcons, no contrived bulls**t.

“Hey, these two people spent an entire movie learning to be honest with themselves and admit that they were in love…now what happens when a princess has to introduce her parents to a literal ogre?”

In doing so, it expands the setting of the first movie. Puss in boots and the crazy land of Far Far Away are as iconic to the Shrek series as the titular ogre himself, but they aren’t in the first movie at all. It also managed to continue and further explore most of the themes of the first movie.”

“Catching Fire (The Hunger Games #2).”

The first movie is good, but the second movie is insanely better.

Everything about it is so perfect.”

“Godfather Part II.

Godfather Part II makes me feel completely alone. The first film is this excellent ensemble of characters that gives you a sense of family, friendship and camaraderie.

Then in Part II it becomes less about the overall story about the family and more about Michael’s journey and the repercussions of his choices throughout, which leads to his isolation within the world he created for himself.

I always feel a sense of grief and loneliness at the end when Michael is sitting on the bench by himself with no family or friends left.”

“D2: The Mighty Ducks.

It was soooo much better than the original.”

“John Wick 2.

The first is good, but the second one. It’s AMAZING! It is the perfect sequel.

It has a higher budget and expands the lore of the assasin universe, and every fight scene is on point.”

“Top Gun: Maverick.

Just watched it two days ago. I was never into the original but holy s**t Maverick was just so incredibly good.

I was literally on the edge of my seat, it’s just as good as everyone says.”

“Before Sunset is easily the greatest sequel of all time.

There has never been a movie quite like it & it has arguably one of the greatest endings in a romance movie.”

“Blade Runner 2049.

It takes the same themes and goes so much deeper.

Plus the cinematography, acting, tone… Just a 10/10 movie overall.”

“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

That whole sequence, from when they board the zeppelin to Henry using the seagulls to k**l the last pilot, is just so fantastic.”

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