What Life-Changing Item Can You Buy for Under $100? People Responded.

I bought a sleep mask not too long ago and let me tell you, it’s a GAME-CHANGER.

I sleep so much better now and I can’t even imagine going back to life without one.

And, if I recall correctly, that baby only cost me about $12.

Not bad!

AskReddit users talked about the life-changing purchases they recommend that will cost you under $100.

Let’s take a look!

“For free: the MyFitnessPal app.

Tracking my calories is the only way I can lose it maintain my weight. Getting into shape has improved my energy levels, my sleep, and a number of my personal relationships, including with my wife and kids.

I did other stuff, too, to get in shape, but it started with learning how much I was actually eating.”

“A Swiss army knife.

I don’t use it every day, but I do carry it daily.

And when I do need a all knife in a bind or a screwdriver, I’m always glad I have it.”

“Slow cooker.

Had some d**n good dinners been done by the time I get home from work.

Get some liners for your slow cooker and you don’t have to work much to clean it up.”

“An electric tire inflator – for $29.95

It plugs into either a wall outlet or your vehicle’s utility outlet.

Very convenient to add air to your tires at home without having to go to gas stations – especially in winter weather.”

“A good phone case and a screen protector.

It’s kinda like having decent shoes.”

“AeroPress coffee maker.

The thing broke my wife of her $200 monthly Starbucks habit.

The unit costs maybe $25 or so.”

“I bought a stainless steel touchless dish soap dispenser for the kitchen sink and it’s been amazing, life changing, no more meat hands on the antibacterial soap pump!

eBay approximately $12.”

“Running shoes.

Can easily get a quality, long-lasting and versatile pair under 100.

Running can have such a massive positive effect for anyone struggling with their mental health I can’t recommend it enough.”

“A really good pillow.

Investing in a proper pillow has increased the quality of my sleep tremendously and it’s also a lot easier to fall asleep with it.”

“A smart watch.

Before I had it, I had two modes: endlessly checking my phone or missing important messages and alarms ( I have ADHD and I always forget to turn the ringer back on)

Now I never miss a message, and I don’t have to open my phone unless it’s actually important\relevant.”

“Adopted kitten/cat.

Mine was the best $25 I have ever spent in my life.”

“A bidet. The new ones are easy to install.

If you are not using one, you are simply polishing your poop into your skin until it becomes invisible.

Poop 2-3 times between showers add some sweat and you’ve got some serious swass. Home depot has some for $70ish cdn.”

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