What Jobs and Activities Do You Associate With Jerks? Here’s What People Said.

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What jobs and activities do you usually associate with jerks?

Check out what folks had to say about this on AskReddit.

“Those people who spam social media comments with “learn how I made $30,000 in a week with cryptocurrency, message @probablyascammer for more details.””

“Those family YouTube channels that have like fifty different channels for each family member including the dogs and then the one for the full family.

They only shout when they talk and do a bunch of s**tty “challenges”.

I feel in real life they are total a**holes to everyone in their neighborhood.”

“YouTube “pranksters”.

p**ses on stranger’s shoes

destroys a stranger’s cell phone

smashes a car window

commits actual armed robbery


“MLM sales reps.

You could be sweeter than a sugar coated kitten before you get involved in a MLM, but after you join, you turn into a major pushy a**hole.”

“Those people who work at the mall selling some kind of overpriced fake product (e.g. Orogold) who will snatch your arm as you walk by and rub some unknown chemical on you before you have a chance to react and then launch into their sales pitch with very aggressive hard sales tactics.

I’m pretty convinced you have to be at least psychopath-adjacent to take that kind of job.”

“I deliver food for a distributor, by far the worst people to deal with are at country clubs.

My sister works in catering, she says the same thing. Not the staff, but the members. Every single amenity about those places, even down to the design of the loading docks, screams “I h**e the working class”.

My sister says that when she has to serve in one, people don’t even look at her, they just snap their fingers or hold up a glass or plate and get mad when their will isn’t done immediately. Shameful.”

“Life coaches.

Or any other people who are basically unqualified but love dishing out advice based on their own personal theories, or whatever their latest shower thoughts of the morning were.”

“The papparazzi.

“I’m a free time celebrity photographer.” “Oh, you photograph celebrities in your freetime?” “No, I photograph celebrities in their free time.””

“I know so many high school mean girls who became nurses.

It disturbs me that the meanest people I knew are now apart of the fragile healthcare system.”

“Car Salesmen.

I have yet to meet one that isn’t an a**hole, and I should mention I’m in an industry where I’ve met a whole lot of them.”

“Where I live, tow truck drivers.

They’re mini-gangs who try and dominate each other. They see an accident, and they already start hooking up your vehicle without permission.

They see a one-man company tow truck, 5 of them will come and b**ly him out (even though the car is hooked up and everything).”


An accumulation of narcissists. Nothing more.”

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