What is this family on W9: do you know the other films in the trilogy?

The comedy What is this family ?! by Gabriel Julien-Laferrière is broadcast on W9. Did you know that this film carried by Julie Gayet and Chantal Ladesou is the 1st part of a trilogy?

Released in our theaters in August 2016 the comedy by Gabriel Julien-Laferrière, What is this family ?! follows the adventures of a large blended family: 7 children, 8 “parents” and as many houses. The children then decide to make their revolution and reverse the rules. All together, they squat in a large apartment, and it will now be up to the parents to move!
Led by Julie Gayet, Lucien Jean-Baptiste, Philippe Katerine, Claudia Tagbo, Julie Depardieu, Thierry Neuvic, Arié Elmaleh and Chantal Ladesou, the feature film has a total of nineteen characters! The director explains: “I had to accept that not all would be equally important. However, we have proceeded with a skilful knitting so that everyone has their “solo”: something meaningful to play.

The film having gathered nearly 800,000 spectators, a sequel was quickly set in motion. “The lights were green, the producers and partners ok. We were able to get to work! (…) I took my pen, rather my keyboard, and wrote this suite with Sébastien Mounier“, says Gabriel Julien-Laferrière. It is easy that 3 years later, in August 2019, came out in our dark rooms What is this granny ?! whose star is undoubtedly Chantal Ladesou.

In the blended family, we ask for the granny … and the grandpa.

When writing this sequel, the director hinted at the actress that her role would be more fleshed out, but not to the point of becoming the pillar of the film and having the honors of her title. “When he made me read his new script, of course, it gave me great pleasure! Not because “Grandma” stole the show from children, but because I was going to find her again, this time with the possibility of exploring her in all its fantasy and complexity. And then, all the same, I admit that it was the first time that I was offered a first role in the cinema. After a good thirty films in secondary characters, my little actress ego had found it very “invigorated”!“, enthuses Chantal Ladesou.

What is this family on w9: do you know the other films in the trilogy?

Jean-Claude Lother

Chantal Ladesou in “What is this granny ?!”

If for this second part, all the actors are back, it was necessary to adapt the scenario to the age of the young actors. In 3 years the older ones had become teenagers, so it was complicated for the story to force 16-year-olds to go on vacation with their grandmother. Gabriel Julien-Laferrière explains “For this sequel, I chose to send Gulliver, the smallest, to his grandmother. It was consistent with the script, and I was sure that Sadio Diallo who interprets it “would hold up”, and with Chantal, they would form a formidable couple. But I also wanted this second film not to penalize any member of the family, and to find all the actors of the first film, whose success is really collective.“.

And with almost 1.2 million entries at the French box office, we can indeed speak of success. It is therefore quite logical that the production announces, at the end of 2019, the start of a third part entitled C’est quoi ce papy ?! with Patrick Chesnais in the role of the grandfather. Filming should begin next September and the film is already announced on August 11, 2021. All the adults from the previous sections will be back in the casting.

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