What Is The Title Given To The Leader Of The Night’S Watch?

What Is The Title Given To The Leader Of The Night’s Watch?

The Night’s Watch is a military order that protects the northern border of Westeros from the terrors beyond The Wall. The organization comprises mostly convicted criminals who chose to take the black and serve for life as a Night’s Watchman. The order operates as an independent entity and reports to no one, except for their ultimate leader, who holds the title of Lord Commander.

The role of the Lord Commander is to lead the Night’s Watch in the defense of the Seven Kingdoms’ northern border and maintain the harmony between the various factions within the order. They must also interact with the leaders of other Westerosi dwellings that might affect the Night’s Watch’s operation or the peace of the realm.

The History of the Lord Commander

The Night’s Watch has had 999 Lord Commanders since its foundation, according to the Myths and Legends of the Seven Kingdoms. The position’s history extends back to the Long Night, when the last hero defeated the White Walkers and secured the Westerosi people’s safety. The Night’s Watch was established to ensure that the realm would never suffer such a calamity again.

Commanding the Night’s Watch is no easy feat, and many Lord Commanders have faced tough challenges throughout history. From traitors and mutineers within their ranks to wildlings and White Walkers beyond the Wall, the Lord Commanders have had to face all manner of trials. Some of them have proven to be great commanders and leaders, while others have failed miserably, with some even turning against their own order.

The Selection Process of the Lord Commander

The Lord Commander is elected by the Night’s Watch senior officials. The selection process is meant to ensure that the position always goes to the most capable person, irrespective of their birth or social status. The election is a democratic process that includes all ranking Night’s Watch members.

Voting’s procedure is straightforward, and the candidate with the most votes becomes the Lord Commander. In the event of a tie, the decision goes to the candidate who has served the order the longest.

The Lord Commander’s Duties

The Lord Commander is the ultimate authority in the Night’s Watch, and their responsibilities are numerous. The first and foremost duty is to ensure the defense of the realm against the creatures beyond The Wall. The Lord Commander must also maintain order and discipline, ensure the welfare of all Night’s Watch members, and keep the stability between the various factions within the order.

In addition to these internal duties, the Lord Commander must also maintain strategic relationships with other Westerosi factions, such as the ruling houses or the Wildlings. In times of crisis, such as when the White Walkers attacked, the Lord Commander must rally all the Night’s Watch members and coordinate with other houses to defeat the enemy.

The Lord Commander’s Role in Popular Culture

The Lord Commander has played a crucial role, both in the books and the popular television series Game of Thrones. The character of Jon Snow, who later became the 998th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, gained immense popularity amongst the fans and became one of the show’s most iconic characters.

Kit Harington, who played the role of Jon Snow in the series, said in an interview that “Jon was always meant to lead. He had it in his blood, and he had the spirit of a warrior. Becoming the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch was always his destiny.”

The Night’s Watch has long fascinated readers and viewers alike and remains a favorite topic of discussion amongst Game of Thrones’ fans.


Q: What happens if a Lord Commander dies during their term?

A: In the event of a Lord Commander’s death, a new election is held immediately to ensure that the order never goes without a leader.

Q: Can women serve as the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch?

A: Women are not allowed to serve in the Night Watch, and therefore, they cannot become Lord Commanders.

Q: Is it possible to remove a Lord Commander from power?

A: It is possible to dethrone a Lord Commander, but the process is a complicated one. A vote of no confidence must be called, and one-third of the Night’s Watch members must support the motion.

Q: Who was the most famous Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch?

A: The answer to this question is subjective since many Lord Commanders have made their mark in history. Some of the most famous ones include Jeor Mormont and Jon Snow from the Game of Thrones series.

Q: What happens to the Lord Commander after their term ends?

A: After their term ends, the Lord Commander can either step down from the position or remain in service. However, once they have served as the Lord Commander, they cannot be elected again.


The Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch is a paramount position that carries tremendous responsibility and importance, both in the mythic lore of Westeros and in popular culture. The role requires leadership skills, strategic thinking, and a deep sense of duty towards the realm and the order they serve. From the order’s inception to the present day, the Lord Commanders have been the stalwart defenders of the Seven Kingdoms’ northern border, guarding the realm from the threats beyond The Wall.

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