What if on Disney +: fan service, entertaining … what does the press think of the Marvel animated series?

What does the press think of the Marvel animated series “What if …?”, Broadcast every Wednesday exclusively on the Disney + platform?

What if on disney +: fan service, entertaining... What does the press think of the marvel animated series?
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According to IndieWire:

“What If isn’t going to revolutionize the world of superheroes, but if you start to get bored with the biggest Disney franchise, the show might just be an antidote to it for you.” 4/5

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According to CNN:

“What if is perhaps the most faithful-to-comic book Marvel Studios have produced so far, bringing the what-could-have-happened comic book series while still keeping its geeky spirit. Quality animation and the presence of major actors contribute to the pleasure felt by the vision of this Disney + series which perfectly finds its place in an already full multiverse. “ 4/5

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According to Le Point:

“At the same time totally independent and closely interwoven with the continuity of the Marvel Universe, What if …? Is a small, crispy, tasty aperitif, a simple pleasure whose only fault is perhaps not to be really of consequence as long as that. either a defect. “ 4/5

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According to The Playlist:

“This is an entertaining series, one that is not going to change your life or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, literally or figuratively.” 3/5

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According to the Hollywood Reporter:

“We don’t hold back the series’ ambitions or its potential, but its limits. What if promises to explore the challenges or crazy ideas that live-action productions will never address, but by playing with these hypothetical situations, the series fails to titillate our curiosity enough to make us want to see the sequel. At times, it nevertheless manages to provide satisfactory fan service for the most die-hard viewers. “ 2.5 / 5

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According to Slate:

So there’s a chance that we see some of these alternate universes unfolding there. But the question is, are they really going to add anything to the MCU, or the ever-so-powerful question: What if? is it ultimately an empty question? “ 2.5 / 5

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According to Liberation:

“Fatalism, melancholy perhaps (the more things change, the more the same). Lack of imagination no doubt (we would have liked a more untimely” what if Howard the Duck had become Black Panther? “). But knowing the Very long-term algorithmic view of the studio, we know that this collection prepares the viewer for a great event in their tradition of a cinema seen as a permanent trailer and aperitif. “ 1.5 / 5

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