What Healthy Behaviors Are People Shamed For? Here’s What Folks Said.

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Because we all have pretty strong opinions about what is healthy behavior and what isn’t…

So check out what healthy behaviors AskReddit users think people get shamed for and we’ll see you in the comments!


People are annoying competitive over lack of sleep. People are also rude about me not making plans, etc knowing I’m going to need some sleep.

Bro, I need a MINIMUM of 6 hours to function properly and I’ve got s**t to do tomorrow so I’m going to bed.”

“Valuing their own free time.

I was recently asked to tutor the son of an admin who works at the school I work at. It was just assumed that I’d want to do it. I was even thanked in advance.

I declined the offer, not because of the pay (it was a very reasonable rate) but because I didn’t want to lose my free time by planning lessons etc.

The passive aggressive backlash has been infantile and intense.”

“Admitting you’ve made mistakes, ever, at all.

And God forbid you learned something and changed your behavior as a result.”

“For being quiet.

Idk if it’s a healthy thing but sometimes I don’t got anything to say.”

“Being introverted or alone time. I dealt with people shaming me for being too quiet.

People have accused of me of being asocial or stuck-up due to my reserved nature. Not everyone is a extravert!”

“Being okay with not having a solid opinion on something.

Or accepting a simple truth for themselves: “I don’t know.”

Or “I don’t know enough to form an opinion.””

“Cutting out toxic family.

Had to do this with my older sister. My mom thinks that I should make things right when I’ve been trying to for years until I decided enough was enough.

My sister was one of my biggest b**lies growing up but because she’s family, it’s different.”

“Being content with what you have.

Oh, you drive a 30 year old car. Wouldn’t you like something newer?
Oh, your house is 1100sq/ft… you need something bigger.

No, I don’t think I will.”

“Being single.

Not to say that being in a relationship is unhealthy, I just mean there is nothing wrong with being single but it’s treated like the worst fate known to humankind.

It’s okay to not be dating someone at every second. It can be good to have some time by yourself too.”

“I don’t drink, and people always want to know why. Or immediately ask “are you pregnant?!”

No, I just don’t feel the need to consume al**hol. End of story.

But that’s never a good enough reason.”

“Eating healthy food.

Every time my friend ate a salad at work this guy used to tell him to eat real food and to stop eating rabbit food.”

“Setting boundaries.

Everyone is always on board that that sounds like a great idea, until they’re the person you’re “bailing on”. Like bruh I’m not a flake I’m just not at your beck and call, I’ve got my own life to get on with.

Applies to friends, family, partners, and work. Even occasionally my dog although he is an admittedly adorable attention-obsessed nudge.”

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