What Hairstyle Is Best For Your Hair

Hairstyles have always been an integral part of one’s personality. People have experimented with different hairstyles, depending on their facial features, hair texture, and personal preferences. Finding the perfect hairstyle that suits your hair type and face shape can be overwhelming at times. The right haircut can enhance your looks and make you feel confident. In this article, we’ll guide you on choosing the best hairstyle for your hair type and face shape.

Face Shapes

Before discussing the hairstyle options, let’s examine different face shapes to determine the most suitable hairstyles. There are six common face shapes, which are:

1. Oval face shape
2. Round face shape
3. Square face shape
4. Heart face shape
5. Diamond face shape
6. Long face shape

Here’s what you need to know about each face shape and the best corresponding hairstyles.

1. Oval Face Shape

This is considered the most versatile face shape. Almost every hairstyle looks good on people with oval-shaped faces. However, a medium-length cut suits the oval face shape the best. You can opt for an angled bob or long layered locks. A side parting works well with this face shape, while bangs or fringes can be added to enhance the look.

2. Round Face Shape

A round face has soft features and a rounded chin. The goal is to add length and definition to create an illusion of a longer face. Long, layered hairstyles will complement the round face shape well. Shorter haircuts with layers can also work well. However, avoid short haircuts with rounded edges as they can make your face look even more round. A deep side parting or side-swept bangs can add definition while creating an elongated look.

3. Square Face Shape

A square face shape has a strong jawline and sharp features. The goal of a square face shape is to soften the angular features with a soft haircut. A chin-length bob or shoulder-length swept-back hair can be a good option. Curly hairstyles and layers can create an illusion of softness. Avoid blunt cuts or straight fringes as they can accentuate the square jawline.

4. Heart Face Shape

A heart face shape has a wide forehead and narrow chin. The goal is to balance the broader forehead with the narrow jawline. A layered haircut that falls below the chin works well. Soft waves or a side-swept fringe can also help balance the face shape. Avoid blunt cuts or short haircuts as they can accentuate the forehead.

5. Diamond Face Shape

A diamond face shape has a narrow forehead and chin with prominent cheekbones. The goal is to soften the cheekbones and create an illusion of a more oval face shape. Pixie cuts with layers or a lob (long bob) will complement the diamond face shape well. Center parts or side-swept bangs can help soften the face shape.

6. Long Face Shape

A long face shape has a narrow forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. The goal is to create an illusion of width to balance the face shape. Thick hair can help add volume and create fullness. Medium length to long layers or a side-swept fringe can work well. Avoid straight cuts or blunt bangs as they can accentuate the face length.

Hair Types

After determining your face shape, the next factor to consider is your hair type. Different hair types need different hairstyles to look their best. Here are the most common hair types and the best corresponding hairstyles.

1. Straight Hair

Straight hair can give a sleek modern look. A shoulder-length cut with layers and a center or side parting can complement straight hair well. Adding curls or waves can add volume and texture to the hair. Blunt cuts or short bobs can also work well, especially for those with thin hair.

2. Wavy Hair

Wavy hair has an effortless flow and texture that can be enhanced with the right hairstyle. A layered haircut with a side or center parting works well with wavy hair. Long, tousled waves can create a carefree and bohemian look. Shorter haircuts with messy waves can also work well.

3. Curly Hair

Curly hair can create volume and texture but can be tricky to manage. Curly hair needs a hairstyle that can control the curls and frizz. Short haircuts with soft curls or layers can create a perfect look. Long curly hair can work well with layers and side-swept fringes. Avoid blunt cuts and bangs that can make the curls look frizzy.

4. Coarse Hair

Coarse hair can be challenging to manage as it can be thick and difficult to style. Layered haircuts are ideal for coarse hair to add texture and softness. Short haircuts with layers or a long bob can work well. Avoid long straight hairstyles as they can make the hair look puffy.


1. Can I change my hairstyle if I have a round face?

Yes. Short haircuts, such as a pixie cut or bob, can help elongate a round face shape.

2. Are bangs suitable for every face shape?

No. Bangs can be too harsh on some face shapes, like square or diamond face shapes.

3. Can I curl my straight hair?

Yes. You can use a curling iron or get a perm treatment to add curls to straight hair.

4. What hairstyle works best for thin hair?

Short haircuts with layers can create a full and voluminous look for thin hair.

5. Should I avoid side-swept fringes if I have a round face?

No. In fact, side-swept fringes can help create an elongated look for round face shapes.


Choosing the best hairstyle for your hair type and face shape can be challenging. But with the right knowledge and tools, you can find the perfect hairstyle that complements your looks. Consider your face shape, hair texture, and personal style when choosing a haircut. Don’t be afraid to try out different hairstyles until you find the perfect one.

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