What Does Society Find Attractive That You Don’t? People Responded.

The list is long, my friends…

I’m talking about things that the majority finds attractive that I personally DO NOT.

But enough about me…

Let’s hear what AskReddit users think about this.

“Based on what I’ve seen in Miami, lip injections.

Looks horrendous… and yes, we can tell.”

“Brand culture.

People spend way too much in the name of brands.”

“Artificial tanning.

As someone who works at a tanning salon, yes. It’s very easy for people to overdo it.

That’s why I normally don’t recommend anything with a high intensity bronzer. We wanna make you look sun kissed, not sun f**ked.”

“The obsession with famous people.

Sure I enjoy art and athleticism in most forms but to be obsessed over someone who isn’t even physically in your life is wild to me.”

“A cocky attitude, I’d rather a genuine person who’s awkward any day.

At least you know they’re trying to communicate rather than show off.”

“Small plate restaurants that charge you $30 for a boiled egg with a drop of sauce and a decorative sprig.”

“Filters on pics.

They are getting so bad that they don’t even look like they have real skin, more like mannequin skin. I’m a single guy in my 40’s and looking for women in the same age range. I get turned off when I see a filtered pic of them.

Like, you’re older, don’t hide it just to disappoint us later, have the confidence to show your true, non digitally altered self!”

“Eyelash extensions are getting terrifying.

I’ve had them set off my fear of spiders.”

“The Hustle lifestyle.

I don’t want to have a side gig and work 16 hours a day.

I’m content with coming home and playing video games in my free time. And sleeping in on my weekends.”

“Extremely long and or pointed fake nails.

They instantly make hands look like bird feet.

And then there’s the sanitary issue of where fingers go and what germs get stuck under those.”


I have nothing wrong with people working out and wanting to be in shape.

I just personally think it just starts to look ridiculous after a while.”

“Having a big house.

No, I don’t need more to clean. I’m happy with anything under 2,000 sq ft.

I’d even live in a d**n bungalow, but I have kids…and sometimes I need to hide. I just love little cozy houses with character.”

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