What Do You Want To Get Off Your Chest? Here’s What People Said.

We all have secrets…

And we all have big ones that eat us up inside and cause us to lose sleep at night.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

I’m sure you do…

Check out these secrets that AskReddit users needed to get off their chests.

“Someone in my friend group is a serial r**ist.

I only found out recently (last night) and I have no idea how to break it to my friends.

Pretty much everyone he’s been in a romantic relationship with is a victim.”

“I knew my mother was going to k**l herself and did nothing about it.

So I basically let her d**.”

“I was r**ed in college by my “friend” after he got me black out wasted.

It led into a spiral decline that changed my life’s trajectory.”

“I just started as a mortician’s assistant.

I held a d**d baby last week and put it in the fridge to be cremated later.

I don’t want to tell anyone because it would freak them out too much.”

“I’ve s**ked for almost 40 years. I’m a secret s**ker – I rarely s**ke in public and never at work so only my husband knows I s**ke a pack a day and have almost my entire life.

I just quit 15 days ago! The cravings are k**ling me at times but I feel so much better. S**king was so embarrassing to me – it’s just so stupid and unnecessary yet I kept telling on doing it for way to many years. Here’s to my new s**ke-free life!”

“I really want my old friends back. I cant stop missing them. The ones I hurt, the ones who hurt me, it doesnt matter .

I cant stop thinking about the people I used to do everything with. I miss it so much.”

“I was a**aulted at age of 5…

They told me it was all just a game, but my brother and three of his friends made me touch them when I was just a little girl. I kept it off my mind for many years. But something happened recently that made me had those flashbacks, maybe becoming a mom or IDK.

It just saddens my heart thinking about the scenario and I just can’t get it off my head. I’ve never told anyone.”

“I left my girlfriend the night she d**d after a long battle with cancer.

I had been sleeping anywhere I could for a week and in my haze I never noticed just how close she was to the end.

I really thought I could go home, recharge and come back. I woke up to her family in tears telling me she had gone in the night.

The only thing she wanted when she d**d was to have me there. Instead I wanted to sleep. Easily my biggest regret.”

“Sometimes I wish my mother would d** so I don’t have to deal with her anymore. I am so angry with her because of all the s**t she put me through as a kid.

I went NC with her but she still sees my kids and I just am so tired of her existing. I feel like I can’t move on from being angry with her and talking doesn’t work because she’s very much a severe alcoholic in ridiculous denial.

I feel like her d**ng would bring closure I desperately need and my stupid brain keeps thinking that someday she’ll snap out of it and hear me out but…logically I know it won’t happen. I’m so tired.”

“We lost our family cat when I was a kid. She was an indoor cat and couldn’t be let out.

She was microchipped, but we didn’t find her until months later. She was dehydrated and unwell, and d**d shortly after at the vet.

I let the cat out.”

“I was sheltered and spoiled my whole life by my mom because of my autism, now that I’m an adult I struggle to perform normal everyday tasks and feel no motivation to do them.

I know it’s not too late to change, but it’s really difficult. I love my mom a lot, but I can’t help but feel I’ve been let down in the long run. Perhaps when I’ve moved out and I’m forced to do those things, I’ll feel a bit better about it.”

“I am hopelessly in love with my colleague at work and have been for 2 years.

She’s engaged to someone else and that hurts me.”

Do you have any secrets you want to reveal?

If so, talk to us in the comments.

Thanks a lot!

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