What Do Most People Not Realize Can Seriously Mess You Up? Here’s What Folks Said.

A word to the wise: never try to pet a porcupine…it’s just not a good idea.

Yes, their quills are sharp, but they’re so cute!

So how could they ever hurt you?!?!

What do most people not realize can really mess you up?

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this…


People forget they’re piloting a 2+ ton piece of machinery. Oil, hydraulic fluid, coolant, iron, aluminum, rubber and plastic. They just hop in and whip it around like nothing, often going well over 60 miles an hour.

Often times by people with barely enough training, half impaired or not paying attention. If you think about it, it’s pretty scary.

Thankfully, modern cars are made to be so intuitive and safe. It’s not quite as similar as operating a loader or bulldozer like it used to be.”

“Hiking at altitude you’re not used to.

I was in Colorado last year and I did not expect the altitude to f**k me up so much. After a few days I was ok but the first few days, I felt like I was gonna barf at all times. I was not in the best shape at the time so that didn’t help.”

“Ignoring teeth problems.

I had a filling that fell out and I ignored it, worst pain ever.

Cost me a lot too.”

“Benadryl overdose.

I was once a stupid kid who wanted to get high at any cost, so I took a dozen Benadryl pills at once. The only research I did was reading others experiences and checking the LD50 was higher than my dose.

I have never had such vivid, believable audible hallucinations. I had a full conversation with a friend who walked in, only to realize I was talking to myself. I closed my eyes and multiple streams of different people talking flooded my mind.

I don’t remember what they were saying, but I remember being able to tune in and out of the different conversations and thinking they were so real. It almost sounded like my own radio station in my head.

It was incredibly stupid and I’m lucky nothing bad immediately happened.”

“Being poor.

Obviously living in poverty isn’t fun from any point of view, but it blows my mind just how much of an affect it has on things like life expectancy.”


On my tour of the blue mountains in New South Wales, the guide got on the microphone and announced to the group “if you see a roo, stay away. They are dumb as f**k, and will f**k you up”.

Apparently they have a claw on their hind leg similar to a raptor that can slice your abdomen so deep that your guys fall right out.”

“Listening to loud music or being exposed to loud sounds daily.

Can cause permanent tinnitus or hearing loss issues down the road.”

“Hear me out, but cancer treatment.

You all know about the basics like vomiting and hair loss, but it’s so much more than that. The whole point of chemo is that you’re betting that your cells can last longer in a toxic environment than the cancer cells, so oyu poison your body.

I have permanent nerve damage in my toes from where the chemo f**ked up my nerve endings. I had a fissure up my ass about 10 inches, so sh**ting was a 9/10 pain experience. Only pain that was worse was when the mucositis got so bad I couldn’t tolerate drinking water.

Imagine being in such pain that you can’t drink water even after chugging 20mg of hydrocodone, with the glass right in front of you. I got hospitalized twice for dehydration that way.”

“Cement dust.

If you’re ever around a construction site and notice cement dust in the air, mask up or move the f**k on.

Silicosis. Bad news.”

“Injection injuries, specifically air compressors. S**t will k**l you instantly. There was a guy who shot compressed air into his friends ass for a laugh, and literally rearranged his organs. He d**d.

My boss, (painter decorator) his former boss used to shoot the blockage of an airless paint sprayer into a rag he would hold., This time it went through the rag, into his hand and shot paint right into his bloodstream.

Luckily he had the reflexes to tourniquet the wound, and went to hospital, where they had to scrape out his veins in his hands to remove the paint so it wouldn’t reach his heart.”


The single biggest turning point in my life. I was a junior in high school when I suffered one during football practice in October 2014. I dealt with PCS for nearly 2 years.

I didn’t feel fully back to normal until literally 2 weeks before I left for college in August 2016. My life would be a lot different had it not been for that concussion.”

“Fist fights.

One punch is all it takes to get f**ked up for life, if not d**.

Fall wrong. Smash your head on something. The punch itself.”

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