What Do Most People Love That You Can’t Stand? Here’s What People Said.

Let’s not beat around the bush here…

A lot of people out there have…bad taste…in just about everything.

And today we’re gonna hear from folks on AskReddit about what they can’t stand that everyone else seems to love. Let’s take a look!

“Having my picture taken and being told to “smile for the camera”. I have no idea how to smile naturally so anytime I have a picture of me taken, it looks forced and unnatural.

Getting told to “think of something funny” doesn’t help either cause that puts you on the spot and all funny things leave my mind suddenly.

I much prefer natural photos taken in the moment.”

“Baby gender reveals.

I find them weird and just another way for well people to get more gifts.

I also don’t think anyone really cares what gender your kid is gonna be.”

“The whole concept of making people famous just because they made a couple viral videos.

I get that some celebrities are famous because they have actual talent, but people like Charlie D’Amelio or Loren Grey are just recognized for their “lip syncing skills” and could be taking opportunities away from others who deserve them more.”

“I don’t drink al**hol.

People give me The Look when they offer me a drink and I say “Water would be great, thanks.” Or “Unsweetened Iced Tea”…then I get the de**h glare.”

“Watching men kick a ball back and forwards for 90 minutes, while trying to get it past 2 of them that are dressed slightly different.

This keeps millions of people entertained and some will fight you if your t-shirt doesn’t match theirs?”


People can do what they want but I don’t like hanging around people who really love weed.

It stinks, it doesn’t make me feel good and its boring to talk about or hear about all the time.”


They’re so incredibly depressing and the music they play is unspeakably awful.”


I’ve just seen too many examples of bratty/annoying kids. No h**e to anyone who has kids or works with them because you guys have so much patience.

But I don’t think I’ll ever have kids in the future.”

“Super hero movies, all super hero “universes”.

They’re boring and seem to be cookie cutter copies of each other with slight variations.”

“Chatting with strangers in public when waiting somewhere.

It’s not my fault you’re bored and in a waiting room or line, I have something to do and don’t care to share in your misery.”


There is NO SUCH THING as a good tomato.

I’ve tried everything that’s ever been suggested and they’re ALL gross.”

“Oreos. They seriously make me gag.

The ‘cream’ and the really artificial chocolate flavor is so awful.

I eat about one a year to see if my tastes have changed and I’ll finally understand why everyone likes them.”

What do most people love that you can’t stand?

Let us know in the comments.

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