What do Kaamelott and OSS 117 have in common?

Yoann sardet

Yoann Sardet


Fan of SF and hunter of false connections and easter-eggs, Yoann “Michel” Sardet is a child of the 80’s / 90’s, cinema where he navigates with passion.

An actor is illustrated in the two French successes of the summer cinema 2021: Brice Fournier is indeed in the credits of “Kaamelott – Premier Volet” and “OSS 117: Red Alert in Black Africa”.

What do kaamelott and oss 117 have in common?
SND / Gaumont

From the “hen” of the Kingdom of Logres to the elephants and zebras of the African savannah, there is only one step! While John Cena has entered his name in the credits of two of the big American hits of the summer (Fast & Furious 9 and The Suicide Squad), a lyonnais comedian is stronger by appearing in the two biggest French successes … of the year.

What do kaamelott and oss 117 have in common?


Kadoc summer box office champion!

Brice Fournier thus illustrated himself this summer, two cinema weeks apart, in Kaamelott – Premier Volet and OSS 117: Alerte Rouge en Afrique Noire. In front of the camera of his friend and director Alexandre Astier, he takes again, to the delight of the fans, the role of the inescapable Kadoc de Vannes, brother of Karadoc and member of the Resistance. And in front of that of Nicolas Bedos, he illustrated himself as a jovial bush tourist, a follower of big game hunting who crossed the path of Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath on several occasions during his mission.

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Restaurateur and actor -two careers he leads in parallel-, Brice Fournier made his theater debut in the early 2000s (directed by Jean-Christophe Hembert, alias Karadoc) before being discovered by the general public and the profession through the series Kaamelott which he joins from season 2.

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He then illustrated himself in television films, short films, web-series, clips and feature films, including At the origin of Xavier Giannoli, The Exercise of the State by Pierre Schöller, Les Saveurs du palais by Christian Vincent, Les Adventures of Philibert by Sylvain Fusée or Astérix: The Domain of the Gods of his accomplice Alexandre Astier.

For the anecdote, then restaurateur in Paris, he hosted Kaamelott’s team at his home during the filming of season 1 !

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