What Dark Thing Did You Do That You Don’t Regret? People Shared Their Stories.

We’ve all done things in our lives that have been…dark.

And a lot of you (yeah, YOU) have done dark things that you don’t exactly regret…but hey, that’s your prerogative and you can feel however you want.

What dark thing did you do that you don’t regret?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.

“Got into a car accident and had to stay with my mom for a couple days to figure out what to do. Went back to my apartment (I had two roommates) and everything was missing from my room. Long story short one of my roommates had everything hidden in her room.

I called and told her the things were missing from my room and she came up with a lie that a couple girls came to look at my room (I was moving out bc of the accident, long story) and that they must have taken my things.

She had everything I owned. Including my grandmother’s perfume bottles, stuffed to the back of her closet, under her bed, behind her dresser etc.

So I packed all of my stuff up. Then took a giant black garbage bag and stuffed as much of her closet in it as I could. Took it to the middle of nowhere, dug a hole and burnt it.

She called screaming at me that her stuff was missing. I told her the two girls must have come by and taken her stuff too.”

“Five years ago my dad suffered a catastrophic stroke. Left paralyzed and robbed of his speech and ability to communicate he was a shell of the once vibrant, charismatic man he once was.

He was moved into skilled nursing where he lived for nearly two years, he was miserable. On my last visit I told him it was okay if he wanted to leave us, that we would miss him but he should go. A week later I received the call that he had passed. Instead of immediate grief I felt relief.

Relief that he was finally free. The grief came later and I still miss him every single day.”

“This is a family story, but I have confirmed it with several people who aren’t in my family.

My uncle, a r**ist, was m**dered by his brothers after he ra**ed my cousin.

Nobody would testify for him, and several people gave the brothers an alibi.”

“My sister and I went to the same school, she was a year older.

This guy was making her life hell and she was crying a lot, which was (still is) really, really unlike her. After weeks of this, my mom told me to beat him up and I would not be in trouble at home if I got in trouble at school for doing so.

The next day I saw my opportunity when I was in class and watched him walking in the hallway go into the guys bathroom. I immediately asked for permission to go too. I opened the door quietly and he was taking a piss at a urinal. I Sparta kicked his a** into the urinal and then just beat the s**t out of him, pissing on himself and all. I told him to leave my sister alone or it’d happen again.

My sister came home happy that day and never had another problem. She didn’t know this happened for about 20 years. Not a shred of regret.”

“A neighbor about 10 years ago was neglecting their dog badly in the heat.

The dog escaped often and ended up at the shelter a lot.

I let some kind folks steal her, watched the whole thing and said nothing to stop them.”

“Ex-stepfather had verbally and physically a**sed me for 12 years before I finally left the house for good.

The last day I was there, my step-piece of s**t basically admitted to having feelings for me, choked me, and screamed at me for hours. I left through my bedroom window. For five months I avoided that house until ex-stepfather got a hold of my new phone number and texted me non stop about how I’m breaking my mom’s heart by not coming to visit.

So I texted back that I’ll come by one day soon after work. When I got there, he opened the door, and I cracked his face open with a baseball bat. The reason why the police weren’t called was because my step-a**hole was already wanted for trafficking substances.

The pandemic started a couple months after and my mom decided to move out and let the POS stay in my childhood home. Mom and I are in contact and she goes to therapy. I also go to therapy.”

“When I was 13 my very a**sive and extremely d**nken father was swinging at my dog trying to punch him. I kicked the old bastard down a flight of stairs breaking every rib on his left side, some twice and puncturing a lung. Then I went right back to watching Dukes of Hazzard.

About 5 hours later, my mom came home she asks where dad was, I told her he was laying on the basement floor. Why? He’s d**nk, of course, he must of fell. She went down there and bitched at him for about 20 minutes. But he was mostly unconscious. Then she called my uncle to come and help me carry him upstairs.

My dog wouldn’t let my uncle anywhere near the old man despite their earlier altercation. So I had to carry him up by myself (I was a big kid). Anyone with even a tiny bit of first aid knowledge (me, from Scouts) would know not to do that. I had to sling him in a blanket over my shoulder Santa Claus style.

He then spent the next 4 days getting sober enough (not sober) to go to the hospital. There he was properly diagnosed and treated and his lung drained and reinflated. While he was able to smoke, yep, smoke right there in his hospital bed! they did not provide al**hol on the hospital menu.

So he went into withdrawal. Delirium Tremors and all. Kept screaming “Get that gah dam HORSE off of my bed! How did that horse get in here?” Used to (in his mind) drive the bed around his old neighborhood like a Packard Motor Car and describe the sites to people. That lasted about a week.

Then, and I don’t know how this works, the doctors refused to release him from the hospital and moved him to the psych ward. He spent two months or so in there being treated for addiction.

During that time no children, dogs or wives were physically, mentally or emotionally a**sed at our house. Not once. For the first time in about 30 years.

Eventually he was discharged and much to everyone’s shock and utter disbelief…he never drank again! Or beat his wife. Or a**sed his children. His grandchildren absolutely worshipped him and competed for his favor. He was kind and generous and a great source of wisdom and humor for them. In time, they named their own sons after him and have his name tattooed on their flesh.

Ultimately he d**d of cancer. And when he did, I held him in my arms and looked him in the eyes so he wouldn’t be scared or d** alone. I was his primary caregiver for the last 7 years of his life.

And I have Zero Regrets about my actions that day.”

“Ghosted a guy who was supposed to be my friend. The friendship had started off fine, we became close very quickly…

But then the cracks started yawning into weird black abysses. His stories didn’t match up to reality. He always had a new story to tell, and it was always fantastical. He would call me at 3am and just sob about how his bones hurt and he could see “the shadow man”. I was 19 and very confused, very afraid.

I couldn’t deal with it, and I didn’t feel safe, and he never listened if I tried to help him through whatever was going on with him. So i just. Stopped picking up the phone. I stopped agreeing to meet him. I disappeared from his life.

A year later, a mutual friend and an ex of mine told me he had d**d of bone cancer. I was f**king devastated. It traumatized me for years thinking that he needed me and I ditched him and he d**d alone. It to this day crumbled how I navigate boundaries now.

Five years after that, I was told that it was all a lie, and he had never had cancer. Or he had it and was in a coma. Or he moved away. I don’t know the truth. But i do know that cutting those two liars out of my life was the right choice to make.”

“When I started dating, I’d sneak to her apartment and we would often spend hours on her apartment terrace(think of it as the one they had in How I Met your mother)

We’d talk, watch movies on my laptop, drink beers, make out and what not.

The only problem was that their was since her apartment was rented out by 3 girls and for some strange reason 2 of them were strict on not letting their respective boyfriends in, I had to face a lot of problems when I wanted to pee.

Most of the times it used to in one corner of the terrace until this one time where we had spent a few hours there and ate/drank too much and after a while i wanted to take a s**t.

There were girls in her apartment which meant i couldn’t go there and at 2 in the morning i could not think of anything.

Ultimately, we decided that we’ll call it a night and decided that i’ll go back to my place.

Went to her apartment, kissed her good night and left and while climbing down the stairs, I noticed that the main door of an apartment was open in an almost odd manner.

Curiously, I went there and started calling out if somebody needed any help. Got no reply and was about to mind my business and go away, when it hit me that I could take a s**t real quick if no one was there and go home peacefully.

So i followed my heart, took a quick s**t and realized that the flush for some reason was not working.

I tried making it work a couple of times, left it as it is and left.

Turns out that the owners of that apartment were gone on a vacation and just that night there had been a burgulary in their home. The thieves had broken the lock on the main gate, stole jewellery and other stuff and left the scene and I was the 2nd person to go there when they left.

Next morning, she told me about the robbery and how the a**hole thieves had the audacity to take a s**t and leave it unflushed as if trying to send in a message. The owners got it mentioned in the Police complaint as well.

Never told anyone about it.”

“Turned a close friend into the fish and game. He would poach mountain lions and bears. His whole family would literally shoot them and leave them. He would brag about it.

I couldn’t stand it and felt that I needed to stop him. He’s in prison and so is his uncle. I know I ruined his life but he was literally k**ling so many mountain lions and bears.”

“I planned to k**l a man. Growing up my best ever friend got molested by her step dad often but only her family knew about this. One day the whole thing got exposed on TV by one of those shows were all the tragedy is aired. I felt so much fury.

I was a young silly man, I used to live in the favelas and knew a couple of not very good guys. I asked them for a favor, I would work for them if they killed the son of a bitch. We went there, the house was 100% empty He fled after the news on TV. I got lucky really, could have wasted my whole life right there.”

“Some people were b**lying the new mate at school, and one day he was crying on the floor.

I asked him for the name of the boy who made him cry, and I punched the guy, his nose was bleeding.

Now, “the new mate” is still my friend, after 10 years!”

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