What Celebrity’s Career Is Pretty Much Over? People Responded.

Celebrities are getting canceled right and left these days.

Kevin Spacey, Bill Cosby, the list goes on and on…and I wonder who’s next.

What celebrity’s career do you think is pretty much over?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts about this.

“R Kelly…don’t see a comeback album on the way.

Ironically, the very last single he released was called, NO PROBLEMS. In capital letters.”

“Allison Mack.

I was not expecting her to go from “actress in Smallville” to “s** trafficker and cultist” that fast.”

“That curly headed guy who was on That 70’s Show.

Guess he’s been toast for a while.”

“Celine Dion.

My understanding is that she’s suffering from neurological issues and is seriously looking at retirement.”

“Bill Cosby.

I’m still devastated over his actions. My extended family was r**ist and they loved Cosby (before his nastiness came out).

It was like he was breaking up that h**e in my own household. His shows were good and wholesome. I admired him so much.”

“Jussie Smollett.

I live in Chicago and nobody, not even criminals, go out in the middle of the night during winter for Subway sandwiches..not happening.”

“Aaron Carter.

I was on attendance at one of those concerts back in 2017 maybe.

It was some nostalgia I guess, but he played his only new release 4 times in different versions.

It was pretty sad by the end.”

“Steven Seagal.

I watched a Seagal film years ago for nostalgia. It was a film he’d done more recently and I haven’t watched a film of his in ages.

Most of it was him walking around in a trench coat with a katana. It was cut to try make it look like he was fighting people but he was just swinging the sword at the camera. I gave up and never finished it.”

“You all remember Emile Hirsch?

He could have been a superstar and then he strangled a female studio exec.

He still works but does a lot of voiceover and small potatoes stuff. The dude could have been a superstar but blew it.”

“Andy Dick.

This honestly needs no explanation.

His “career” has basically become about how universally h**ed he is.”

“Bam Margera.

I used to look up to the guy I skated because of him, watched Jacka** for him and loved CKY because of him.

Now I just cringe at everything’s he’s become.”

“Armie Hammer.

Everyone loves a good comeback story.

But Armie Hammer is going to sell timeshares for the rest of his life.”

“If you’re a 29 year old athlete with nothing to show for your career AND a Netflix documentary, you f**ked up bro.

I’m looking at you Johnny Manziel.”

Who would you add to this list?

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