What Can You Do to Instantly Make a Woman’s Day? People Responded.

I think we’re all going to learn some valuable lessons today…

Because AskReddit users were nice enough to give us some advice on how to instantly make a woman’s day!

Let’s get started and see what they had to say!

“Realize that all girls are different and that what makes one’s day may not make another’s day

So, actually know enough about the girl who’s day you are trying to make to do something special for HER.”

“My girlfriend always become super happy when I greet her with “Good morning beautiful” but in a way that she sees that I actually mean it…she instantly has a good day from there on.”

“Give her a nice sensual full-body massage. Listen to her problems, worries and insecurities.

Do the dishes for her. Do not be judgmental. Tell her how beautiful / s**y you find her.”

“Pretty cliche, but flowers.

Never met a girl who didn’t gush over flowers.”

“If someone got food with me and/or watched my favorite show with me that would make me extremely happy.”

“If you love her, tell her.

Getting her to be your girlfriend or your wife doesn’t mean you stop wooing.”

“Bring them a treat… her fav pastry or chocolate or her fav drink… when she least expects it.

Like if she ran late for an appt/work and you start out shortly after her, to pick one of those things up for her.”

“Make her laugh, and make her feel important.

She’ll forget her s**t and that’s something everyone needs I guess.”

“Loads of ways.

Get some flowers, get a snack she likes, make her food, put her favourite s**tty movie on, have a candle light bath ready for when shes back, order food she likes, tell her sh’es stunning.

Clean the house without being asked, order a little something shes been complaining about lately, i.e hairbands, tell her youve arranged a date. Theres literally 1,000s of easy ways to make a girl happy.”

“I want to be listened to.

Finding an individual who is willing to take the time to listen to what you have to say is hard to find.

I internalize and bottle up a lot for this reason.”

“Spend time with her with no distractions. Buy her a favorite snack. Get her some flowers. Call her just to tell her you wanted to hear her voice.

Ask to take her on a walk. Not everyone is the same, but humans are pretty simple and we just want to know we’re being thought of by the ones we care about.”

““You look sharp today” – not pretty or beautiful or hot, sharp. Like on point. I use this on men and women, because it is like a compliment on their style not appearance?

And even if you don’t feel beautiful or pretty or hot, or if you’re tired of those compliments, sharp is different.”

“Compliment their eyebrows.

It always makes them light up because many are insecure about bushy eyebrows.”

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