What Are the Origins of the African Diaspora?

The transatlantic slave trade was the capture, forcible transport, and sale of native Africans to Europeans for lifelong servitude in the Americas. Since 16and at 19and centuries, it is responsible, more than any other project or phenomenon in the history of the modern world, for the creation of the African Diaspora – the dispersal of black people from their places of origin on the African continent.

As a result of the transatlantic slave trade, there are currently 51.5 million people of African descent living in North America (United States, Mexico and Canada), about 66 million in South America, 1.9 million in Central America and more than 14.5 million million in all the Caribbean islands. Through centuries of transformation and upheaval, these diaspora peoples have developed rich cultural traditions, distinct societies and independent nations, all sharing elements of a common African heritage.

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