What are Some Internet Topics You Should Never Research Because You’ll Spend Way Too Much Time? People Responded.

If you are easily offended or you get creeped out a lot, you might want to proceed with caution…

Because we’re about to hear from folks on AskReddit about dark rabbit holes that you can fall into if you’re looking to get weird online.

You’ve been warned…

“Caving and Cave Diving accidents.

Accidentally watched one in YouTube, then went down the rabbit hole. This led to some more parallel topics of horrible fates, bad d**ths etc.

After few days, started getting disturbed sleep as this became my routine of watching before the sleep time. With self restraint, finally I got out of it.”

“Lobotomies disturb me in more ways than I can express. It’s a profound violation of your identity and self.

To have your very mind mutilated until you don’t even recognize what you are. That total robbing of you as a person, leaving you mentally inert, is a thing out of horror.”

“The domino effect that led up to World War One and then later World War Two.

It’s interesting to learn about but it’s just a clusterf**k of easily preventable situations.”


Been absolutely obsessed with them the past few days, there’s so much to discover and learn about and so much corruption as well as just circumstances abouthow they go down.

And adding to that, technical diving accidents. Especially in shipwrecks. You can dive down to the sunken Andrea Doria (that wrecked because another enormous ship collided sideways into it!) ship and collect first class dinnerware as plunder, but people have d**d, seemingly becoming lost in the complete darkness of the halls inside, or user error in ANY capacity, such as not having the correct oxygen tank levels leading to hallucinations and false confidence that makes you drown.”

“Binge-watching “Mayday” (the series about plane crashes) and looking up each incident on Google/Wiki afterwards.”

“Unusual d**ths.

Here’s one example:Stephen Whinfrey, 50, became trapped and asphyxiated when rabbiting near Doncaster, England, after his head became stuck down a rabbit hole.”

“Money laundering through Counter Strike Global Offensive weapon skins.

You can track all the expensive items ($1000-$15.000+) in botted inventories and trace all the trade histories.

There are about 20 accounts (that have each $500.000-$1.2m inventory value) all tracing back to one person, for example.”

“The times where we have gotten close to extinction.

There was a false report from a Russian radar thingy and they thought that nukes were coming to them from America, if it wasn’t for one person Nuclear Armageddon would’ve happened because of a software glitch.”

“Religious cults.

There’s so many documentaries out there literally WEEKS of entertainment. I spent like a solid month a year or two ago watching documentaries/YouTube videos about the Mormon Church.

There’s a c**p-ton of videos and articles about the various Christian fundie groups cough cough CULTS and once you get deep into the rabbit hole it’s honestly scary. Like straight up sinister.”

“Abandoned theme parks and malls.

There is something so creepy about it. It’s like going back into time at one of thos places.

Yesterworld, Defunctland and Bright Sun Films are great places to watch stuff.”

“The NASA missions that were in the works after Apollo 11.

They had plans for mars and beyond, but due to funding cuts had to scrap it all.”

“Agent Orange.

My grandpa d**d from cancer during the Korean war and I ended up here late one night digging and holy c**p.”

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