Were These Taunting Letters Really from D.B. Cooper, the Mysterious 1971 Hijacker?

After a 45-year comprehensive investigation, in 2016 the FBI finally called off its official search for DB Cooper, the mysterious man who, on November 24, 1971, hijacked a plane bound for Portland, Oregon, in Seattle, Washington. In one of the most daring and unforgettable crimes in aviation history, he parachuted from the Boeing 727 with a $ 200,000 ransom, escaping capture and delighting amateur detectors around the world.

In the decades since that brazen act, the bureau has eliminated all but two of the 1,000 suspects in the case. The most important leads included $ 5,800 of the ransom found by a boy in 1980 along the Columbia River in Washington State, and provocative letters received by several American newspapers. The letters, in particular, offered tantalizing clues to the identity of the man behind the alias who escaped with what would have been $ 1.2 million today.

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