Welcome to the Loud Le Film on Netflix: from what age to see this crazy animated film?

Available on Netflix, Welcome to the Louds: The Film follows a new adventure of the Loud family, heroine of the cartoon of the same name. Here’s why kids will love this wacky feature film starring their favorite heroes.

Recommended from 6 years old – Currently on Netflix

Once upon a time : Accompanied by his parents and 10 sisters, Lincoln Loud sets out on a musical journey to Scotland and discovers that his family has royal blood!

• What they will love: Fans of the cartoon Welcome to the Louds, which quickly became popular, will be delighted to find this wacky and endearing family in an adventure film all about them!

Welcome to the Louds: The Film takes Lincoln, his ten sisters and their parents to the land of Scotland, far from their familiar cocoon for an extraordinary adventure. Following in the footsteps of their ancestors, the Louds discover that they are the descendants of Scottish royalty.

Goodbye the house too small for these huge siblings and hello castle life! Each member of the family finally has their own room and can go about their favorite activities with much more substantial means. But the one who finds himself the best left is Lincoln who finally finds an important place in the midst of his extravagant sisters and who already sees himself as Duke of Scots.

The public of the cartoon will not be disoriented by this animated film which makes the clever choice to make this family live a new adventure outside their loving home while remaining faithful to the spirit of the cartoon. The Louds embark with humor and mischief in this quest for identity, strewn with pitfalls, all on catchy music and even a little royal remix of the now cult song in the credits of the animated series.

• What may worry them: Nothing very scary on the program of the film Bienvenue chez les Louds since the animated feature film keeps the good-natured spirit of the series.

Only the ghostly little sessions in the castle in Scotland and the nastiness of the villainous Morag, desperate to secure the crown of the kingdom of Loch Loud, can give the little ones a few chills.

Welcome to the loud le film on netflix: from what age to see this crazy animated film?


• What they will keep inside: This new adventure of the Loud siblings delivers a beautiful message to children on the family spirit, the discovery of its roots, the courage of its convictions and sharing.

Like the cartoon, the feature film Bienvenue chez les Loud: Le Film relies on the same ingredients that make the series so successful: exuberant, funny and endearing personalities, benevolent and tolerant speeches and a mischievous but sibling magnet.

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