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The long-awaited information is finally formalized: “Wednesday” will indeed have a season 2! A logical confirmation for one of Netflix’s greatest hits.

After several weeks of waiting and a handful of rumors – like that of seeing the Netflix series migrate to Prime Video – Season 2 of Wednesday is finally official. The streaming giant had already revealed a small clue through a cryptic tweet in which the heroine typed on her typewriter: “The end?”. Now it’s confirmed!

It is with a new video that the platform announces the news with the voice of Jenna Ortega and the song Bloody Mary of Lady Gaga in soundtrack.

This information is not really surprising given the enthusiasm generated by the series directed in part by Tim Burton – as a reminder, he directs four of the eight episodes. To date, Wednesday is the third highest grossing hit in Netflix history, behind Squid Game and Season 4 of Stranger Things.

Creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar have already said they have plans for a third and fourth season. For the sequel, the showrunners would like to dwell on the mother-daughter relationship between Morticia and Wednesday, but also on the friendship with Enid.

No information, however, specifies whether Tim Burton – visible in the video – could return behind the camera to direct new episodes. It must be said that the presence of the filmmaker has largely contributed to the visibility of the series.

The video released by Netflix:

Wednesday is available on Netflix.

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