Find Out How Your Wedding In Montenegro Can Be More Than Just A Celebration!


The country of Montenegro is characterized by ancient villages, sparkling beaches and high mountains. Located in the south-eastern part of Europe, Montenegro is one of the youngest states in Europe, having recently separated from Serbia in the year 2006. The country has since improved significantly in terms of infrastructure and has become the home of the nation. Many five star hotels built on a large land. Montenegro has now become a favorite destination for families who want to host destination weddings amidst beautiful locations. If you are also looking for some super wedding venues, then we have put together a list of top ten wedding venues in Montenegro for you, where you can start your new life with your beloved!

Top 10 Wedding Venues in Montenegro

One of the most popular wedding destinations in Montenegro is Perast, a unique small village in the country that has also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a historical site. Check it out!

1. Conte Hotel

Conte HotelConte Hotel


Conte Hotel is located in Perast, a village in Montenegro that is a favorite destination for tourists visiting from the West due to the rich history hidden behind its Baroque-inspired houses and buildings. If you are looking for a comfortable hotel to hold your wedding ceremony then Conte Hotel is a great wedding venue choice. The hotel offers excellent accommodation facilities as well as beautifully decorated décor of the hotel rooms, making it an ideal choice of stay for wedding guests. Don’t worry at all about the food as this hotel serves the most delicious Mediterranean cuisine in its restaurant, which is all you need for a small wedding in Montenegro.

Place: ul. Marka Martinoviša BB, Perast 85336, Montenegro.

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2. Admiral Hotel

Admiral HotelAdmiral Hotel


The Admiral Hotel is a gem, located in the coastal town of Perast. Earlier it was an 18th century palace, now it is a luxurious hotel which still retains the design and look of the palace. When you are at the hotel you can hear the crashing sounds of the ocean and the courteous hotel staff also makes sure that you have everything you need during your stay at The Admiral. The Admiral Hotel’s surroundings include St. George’s Island and Our Lady of the Rocks Church.

Place: Obala Kapetana Marka Martinovich Bibi Perast Kotor Montenegro.

3. Our Lady of the Rock Church

Our Lady of the Rock ChurchOur Lady of the Rock Church


Our Lady of the Rock is an old church located on the island of Gospa in Skirpjela in Montenegro. This church is one of the most important religious sites for the locals of Perast and is decorated with a collection of historically important paintings. This church will guarantee the most intimate and private wedding ceremonies and celebrations for the guests, bride and groom.

Place: Off the coast of Perast, Bay of Kotor, Montenegro.

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4. Villa Perast

Villa PerastVilla Perast


Perast is an ancient small village in Montenegro, located on the shore of the Bay of Kotor. Perast is an ideal wedding venue if you are looking for a more old-fashioned place, then Perast is the right place for you! The village is untouched by modern tourism and is full of architectural masterpieces in the form of Catholic churches, Baroque palaces and the high towers of Perast. Villas are the best property where you can hold all your wedding ceremonies and celebrations right by the sea. They have excellent accommodation facilities and food services that will make your special day even more special.

Place: Obala Kapetana Marka Martinovic, Perast 85336, Montenegro.

5. Starry Malini

wedding celebration in montenegrowedding celebration in montenegro

Stari Mlini is a beautiful restaurant in Montenegro and is built on land where there was previously a flour mill. The owners of the restaurant still keep the mill, which adds the right amount of rustic touch to this wedding venue. Situated between the beautiful beach and the majestic Black Mountains, Stari Mlini has the best view of the bay, while part of it gives you access to the mountain river of Ljuta, where you can dip your feet. The ancient architecture of this place is present. The way the restaurant is built is very nice. If you think hosting a wedding in a restaurant might be a risky move, think again as this restaurant offers world-class service, magical ambiance and untouched beauty. Among the dining options, you will find some of the best local cuisine made from fresh ingredients, including local seafood that is entwined with culinary traditions.

Place: 2, Dobrota, Montenegro.

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6. Kotar Fort

Kotar FortKotar Fort


The city of Kotor is one of the hidden gems of Montenegro in Europe, located right on the shore of the Bay of Kotor, distinguished by cobblestone streets and hidden streets. The city of Kotor first emerged as a Greek colony as it came under the rule of the Serbs, Austro-Hungarian rulers and Venetian rulers. You can see a reflection of each of these cultures in Kotor. You can hold your wedding ceremony either inside the Fortress of Kotor or at the Cathedral of St. Tryphon in Kotor. You can also visit the cathedrals around the old town of Kotor for any of your celebrations. If you love clicking photographs, you will love the picturesque location of Kotor where every nook and cranny makes a beautiful backdrop for all your wedding photos.

Place: Kotor, Montenegro.

7.Fantastic Hotel

luxurious hotelluxurious hotel


The Splendid Hotel in Montenegro is a 5 star hotel and really a great choice to hold your wedding in Montenegro. Being a luxurious 5 star hotel, you don’t have to worry about food as their in-house restaurant serves some scrumptious local and international dishes that pair very well with the varieties of wines present on the hotel menu. Are. Located in the center of Becici, on the seashore, between the city of Budva and the islands of Sveti Stefan, Hotel Splendid is easily accessible from the airports of Tivat, Dubrovnik and Podgorica. If you are having a lot of guests coming to your wedding then this hotel is the best place for your wedding as it can accommodate seven hundred guests and is the largest wedding venue in Montenegro. For guests attending your wedding, you can book rooms or suites at the Splendid Hotel, most of which have spectacular views of the Adriatic Sea. You can choose from the hotel’s modern reception halls or stylish rooms where you can hold your ceremonies and celebrations.

Place: Becici Bibi, Budva- 85310, Montenegro.

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8. Aman Sweti Stephen Hotel & Restaurant

Aman Sweti Stephen Hotel and RestaurantAman Sweti Stephen Hotel and Restaurant


If you are dreaming of a very luxurious wedding in Montenegro, Sveti Stefan in the city of Budva, Montenegro is a great choice. Stefan Island is about six miles east of Budva and is associated with a sand deposit structure that has formed over the years. The island enjoys perfect seclusion from the chaos of a busy city, making it the ideal location for a lavish yet secluded wedding. The Aman Sveti Stefan Hotel in Montenegro was formerly a fishing village that has been transformed into a luxurious resort. For out-of-town guests, you can book rooms at Villa Milosar, an accommodation facility in Aman. Villa Milocer was previously the summer residence of Queen Marija Karađorđević but is now part of the Aman Resort. You can choose from sophisticated suites and rooms at this villa or even choose rooms depending on the view you want – one overlooking the sea or another overlooking the gardens. Your guests will love you for choosing Aman as your wedding venue!

Place: Sveti Stefan 85315, Montenegro.

9. Verige 65 Restaurant & Bar

Verige 65 Restaurant & BarVerige 65 Restaurant & Bar


Are you looking for a more contemporary venue where you can hold your wedding ceremony? Verige 65 Restaurant & Bar is absolutely the place for you. Verige gives you a chance to celebrate your big day in the presence of your dearest friends and family and guarantees unlimited fun to everyone present. Immerse yourself in the unique vibe and super decor of this restaurant as you embark on a new journey of life. Verige overlooks the Perast islets, St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks churches.

Place: 19 E65, Kostanjica, Montenegro.

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10. Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro

hotel regent porto montenegrohotel regent porto montenegro


One of the most popular wedding venues in Montenegro, Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro is located inside the port of Montenegro. The hotel features a classic nautical themed décor, combined with authentic Venetian-style architecture which is a reflection of the location, history and culture of Montenegro. The hotel has everything you need, from stunning event facilities to delicious catering options and even relaxing spa facilities. If you are looking for a seaside wedding the Regent is an ideal wedding venue in Montenegro, as the hotel overlooks the beautiful Bay of Kotor (Boka Bay). You can choose to have one of your ceremonies inside the Ballroom Hall and the other outside in the Italian Garden Restaurant.

Place: Obala Bibi, Tivat 85320, Montenegro

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Weddings are special, especially for the bride, groom and their families, these wedding venues in Montenegro make them even more special. What could be a better place to host your wedding than Montenegro and the beautiful cities of this country? Plan a trip to Europe for your special D-Day celebration!

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