“We made this movie for all the wrong reasons!” : Bad Buzz, chronicle of a colossal…

Released in 2017, the film “Bad Buzz”, led by the comedy duo Eric Metzger and Quentin Margot, was a colossal flop at the Box Office, with less than 50,000 admissions. Its director, Stéphane Kazandjian, recently explained on BFM.

Do you remember the movie Bad Buzz released in 2017? But yes, make an effort: the film featured the comedian duo Eric (Metzger) & Quentin (Margot), exfiltrated from the Quotidien show, at the origin of a monstrous Bad buzz threatening to destroy their reputation. To get out of this tricky situation, they had no choice but to achieve a good buzz in less than 48 hours.

Always nothing ? Not so serious after all. Because you are like the overwhelming majority of spectators who did not go to see the (mis)adventures of the tandem, orchestrated by the director Stephane Kazandjianscreenwriter notably of Pattaya or recent Far from the ring road.

Without falling into the disconcertingly easy pun with its title, as if it had royally stretched the stick to be beaten, it is an understatement to say that Bad Buzz made an absolutely colossal flop at the Box Office. Barely 49,323 people saw this UFO in theaters, largely crushed by murderous critics. Suffice to say a slap that had the vigor of a hell of an uppercut.

In June, the BFM site has devoted a very long and very interesting paper on the reasons for this bitter failure. An article largely nourished by the words of the director, who lent himself to the exercise of self-criticism and post-mortem analysis of his film. A rather courageous exercise moreover, not so frequent, from which many of his colleagues could draw inspiration.

"we made this movie for all the wrong reasons! " : bad buzz, chronicle of a colossal...
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Things came together very quickly. Too much. When the director reads the script, he “finds it nice even if there are things to take back”he doesn’t expect filming to kick off just three months later.

“It was supposed to be produced by Canal. Except that it happened right when Quotidien went on TMC. So Canal said they weren’t doing it anymore. Thereupon, Éric and Quentin negotiated their passage on TMC with Ara Aprikian [le directeur des programmes de TF1] and Bad Buzz became part of their deal.

TF1 didn’t give a damn. They just spun the punch to keep the Daily team. No one believed it. The film was first offered to Thomas Sorriaux and François Desagnat, the directors of La Beuze and 11 Commandments, who refused it. They had read the script better than me…”

“I tried to make my good little soldier the best I could…”

In addition to the fact that the director finds the result very wobbly, with major editing problems, the schoolboy humor of the film posed a problem. “It was added a little precisely to try to solicit the public of the” Band of Fifi “or Cyril Hanouna. It was the schizophrenia of the film, which wanted to please the public of Hanouna with the stars of Daily life” he said.

Adding a little further: “Éric and Quentin, there is something stupid and erudite at the same time. Their show works very well in this register, moreover. The problem is that we never asked ourselves the question of who were Eric and Quentin.

We wanted to bring them into a genre that wasn’t theirs and into which they entered with both feet, since they were the ones who wrote the screenplay, but we would have gained from asking ourselves what we could do with their humor”.

"we made this movie for all the wrong reasons! " : bad buzz, chronicle of a colossal...
EuropaCorp Distribution

Evacuated from the post-production of the film, the director logically retains a certain bitterness from the experience: “It was weird the end of post-production, because I was completely evacuated. The poster, I find it monstrous. They teased me at EuropaCorp, telling me that it was a temporary thing. Then I saw the posters in the subway”.

If he was kicked out of the project, it’s “because they just needed someone for the set. Anyway, that’s often the case with commissioned films. In post-production, they can regain control much more easily.”

Shameful enterprise that no one seems to have assumed, not even its headliners, Bad Buzz was never even released on DVD with us. “After the release, nobody, including me, wanted to talk about it anymore. It fried me as a director” he continues. “#67 million enemies” headlined the schoolboy catchline of the film on the poster. Maybe not so many enemies. But a polite indifference of millions of potential spectators, surely.

You can find the full interview here.

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