We are made to get along: “Make people laugh with hearing loss? No problem with that!” …

Pascal Elbé and Sandrine Kiberlain form the nice tandem of “We are made to get along”, a comedy on hearing loss, on display this Wednesday. We tell you more about this new film written and directed by Pascal Elbé, inspired by real events.

What is it about ?

Antoine seems not to listen to anything or anyone: his students (who demand more attention from him), his colleagues (who don’t like his lack of concentration), his loves (who blame him for his lack of empathy) … And for good reason: Antoine is still young but has lost a lot of hearing. Her new neighbor Claire, who has come to settle temporarily with her sister with her daughter after the loss of her husband, dreams of peace and quiet. Not from a neighbor as noisy as Antoine, with his music blaring out and his alarm clock ringing endlessly. And yet, Claire and Antoine are made to get along!

We are made to get along, written and directed by Pascal Elbé, awith Sandrine Kiberlain, Valérie Donzelli, François Berléand, Emmanuelle Devos, Anne Azoulay, Antoine Gouy, Claudia Tagbo and Marthe Villalonga.

In theaters November 17, 2021


For his third feature film as screenwriter and director, Pascal Elbé returns to comedy.

As Pascal Elbé explains, the starting point of the film is inspired by his own experience, when he realized that his hearing had dropped and that this could give rise to comedy situations. The film was also called Les Malentendus for a time. We are made to get along plays on certain situations where hearing loss can lead to misunderstanding.

The situations in which a deaf person can find themselves are sometimes so bewildering, that I could not think of the idea of ​​this film in any other form. Make people laugh with hearing loss? No problem with that!

This handicap has also always been considered – already in the ancient theater – as a matter of comedy. A guy who can’t hear – What? How? ‘Or’ What ? The gentleman tells you … – it’s something funny. We are less inclined to make fun of a blind man.. “, explains Pascal Elbé.

We are made to get along: "make people laugh with hearing loss? No problem with that! "...
Stephanie Branchu / Jerico films / Perefilms / France3 cinema

However, the filmmaker wanted to avoid a trap: “only make a clinical inventory of the life of a hearing impaired person“and to do this, you had to find the right story, and the right tone. If one would readily qualify the film as a romantic comedy, it is rather a” meeting comedy “as the filmmaker likes to call it .

A dating comedy, more than a romantic comedy

We are made to get along also seduced for his way of drawing pretty characters, and often loneliness. The filmmaker wanted to show loneliness and people with a lack of communication, beyond the handicap or the flaws of the characters in the film.

I believe that these solitudes are those of our lives today in general “, indicates the director and screenwriter in the press kit of the film.” It is interesting to deal with this theme in a period when communication has become so complicated, at a time when everyone is constantly hooked to their smartphone.

We communicate very little, we connect, but we communicate little. A hearing impaired person like me can easily turn in on himself and “To flee the company of humans” as David Lodge says “ (author whose book Muted life was the trigger in Pascal Elbé’s project).

To finish with some statistical data * on the subject of the film: 10 million people have hearing problems, ie 16% of the French population. For 5.4 million of these people, there are repercussions on daily life, i.e. 8.6% of the French population.

* Source: DREES

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