These Awesome Water Sports In Singapore Will Get Your Adrenaline Pumping For Sure!


Singapore is an international metropolis and trade centre. This situation brings a considerable number of tourists to the city-state, but in the last few decades tourists have also come to this small and beautiful country, While the heart of the city offers excellent dining and shopping districts, the real attraction is water sports in singapore,

The area is permanently on the boil and often gets very humid, so it’s natural that locals and tourists want to take a dip in the abundant waters and try the many water sports here. Whether you’re just looking for a thrill or an escape from the heat, this Water Activities in Singapore Will not disappoint.

11 Best Water Sports in Singapore

are looking for Water Sports Activities in Singapore, Here is our pick of the most thrilling water activities in Singapore that you must try:

  • Kayaking – solo boating
  • windsurfing – play with the wind
  • flyboarding – fly on water
  • jet skiing – drive on water
  • wakeboarding – try somersault
  • Stand-up paddleboarding – swim smoothly
  • surfing – challenge the waves
  • dragon boating – a team sport
  • sail – relax in the air
  • of diving – Explore the depths
  • pedal boating – paddling on water

1. Kayaking – Solo Boating



Kayaking in the calm waters surrounding the city’s many islands is one of the most family-friendly water sports in singapore, you can also try Kayak Fishing in Singapore Which is an interesting activity. Kayaking can be done with one or two people at a time, making this activity great for both solo and group use.

There are plenty of trained adventure guides here who can help you with both equipment and skills. In fact, there is a 4-hour basic program if you are just interested in learning the game, and it works for kids too. wxciting it singapore water sports You will definitely fall in love with this place!

Tips: sit tall and straight

Where: Pulau Ubin
Cost: Basic Package – INR 5500 (Adult) | INR 4100 (Children)

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2. Windsurfing – Play with the wind



A wonderfully weird sport, windsurfing (as the name suggests) combines surfing and sailing. Surfing boards used by windsurfers have a sail that gives direction and speed to the surfers. Once you get good at it, you can do loops, jumps, and other crazy things to get that adrenaline rush. Constant Wind is the basic package, and you can start here to master the game. Local guides are usually willing to teach you the basics of the sport.

Tips: Get basic training before trying it

Where: NSRCC C Sports Center
Cost: Rs 1300 per hour for basic course (off season). Rs 1720 for peak season

3. Flyboarding – Flying on water

Water Sports Extreme Flyboarding Sea JetsWater Sports Extreme Flyboarding Sea Jets


If you were hoping to fly over the ocean, you can choose to flyboard in Singapore. For newcomers, flyboarding involves a hydro flying device that takes you above water where you can fly and drive like Jetpack Dave. This truly adrenaline-pumping sport is available in packages that supply experienced instructors and water sports equipment. This is definitely one of the most adventurous water sports in Singapore.

Tips: maintain sufficient distance

Where: Ola Beach Club
Cost: Rs 15,700 for trainers and gear

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4. Jet Skiing – Drive on Water

jet skiing singaporejet skiing singapore


You can hire jet skiing in Singapore for an hour or even three hours and take the extremely fun powered vehicle on the water. Of course, before doing this, you will be given a basic introduction course by professional trainers. There are also packages where you are provided with jet skiing training and free food. This is one of the most favorite singapore water sports,

Tips: Always wear a life jacket and keep the engine shut-off clip tied to your waist.

Where: Puteri Harbor
Cost: Rs 35,000 for three hours’ rental

5. Wakeboarding – Try a Somersault



Wakeboarding is a much safer surfing experience for you and the family. Basically, you ski on specially designed boards while tied to the back of a fast-moving watercraft. Singapore Wake Park offers great facilities for the sport, including three different cable lines separating beginners from intermediate and expert wakeboarders. these are the best water sports center in singapore,

Packages here will offer great deals and usually include initial instructions as well as tools for beginners. This is definitely one of my favorites Water Activities in Singapore,

Tips: Do not try to pull yourself out of the water. Instead, let the boat pull you

Where: Singapore Wake Park
Cost: Hourly – INR 2755 (weekdays) | INR 3400 (Weekend)

6. Stand-up Paddleboarding – Float with ease



While most water and sports activities are designed to increase blood flow, stand-up paddleboarding, SUP for short, is a peaceful activity that will help you relax while building upper body strength as well as stamina. . The game also has a low difficulty level so that newcomers and families can really enjoy it together. Basically you stand on a longboard and paddle across the water with a double bladed paddle.

Tips: Use a leash to maintain balance

Where: sentosa
Cost: Rs 2000 per board

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7. Surfing – challenge the waves



The classic water sport has definitely found a home in Singapore. The city isn’t exactly known for the monstrous waves hitting its beaches, but at the island resort of Sentosa, you can still do some water skiing in Singapore.

Specially designed wave houses can create artificial waves that match your skill level – beginners can take on easy waves of 32 km/h and if you are confident about your skill level, you can go up to 48 km/h. /You can take waves that will blow your mind. Are not careful. Also, try the surf spot at Sea Breeze Water Sports in Singapore to taste the real waves.

Tips: Practice your pop up first!

Where: sentosa
Cost: Per Hour – INR 2400 (weekdays) INR 2755 (Weekend)

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8. Dragon Boating – A Team Sport

dragon boatingdragon boating


Dragon boating is a human-powered sport that was invented in the region, and the Singapore Dragon Boat Association is the best place to learn how to sink your team into a well-oiled machine that cuts through the water. Can.

If you’re thrilled with the Olympic paddlers, you’ll love the introductory classes, team bonding sessions as well as some other dragon boating practice for your team at SDBA. SDBA is a planner for dragon boating events and also rents boats.

Tips: The paddle should be in vertical position

Where: Marina Bay
Cost: He

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9. Yachting – Relax in the Wind



The Central Business District is a great place for sailing, and that’s exactly what you can do aboard one of the two fleets of boats available at Marina Bay. This sport is definitely for those who have already mastered sailing, but if you have, Singapore is a place where you have to do it. The SB20 and the Swedish Match 40 are two types of boats that are available free to the public through the DBS Marina Bay sailing program.

Tips: Read about sailing conditions before heading off

Where: DBS by the Gulf
Cost: He

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10. Diving – Explore the Depths

scuba diving singaporescuba diving singapore

There isn’t much to see underwater in Singapore, but its proximity to some of the most gorgeous dive sites in South-East Asia is great for all the dive companies operating here.

Here in the package you will get equipment, scuba diving lessons, underwater cameras and access to diving spots that are filled with corals and beautiful schools of fish and other marine animals. Instructors who teach scuba diving in Singapore are usually certified PADI instructors and dive masters.

Tips: Make sure your mask is on properly

Where: ghost island
Cost: INR 40,000 (average cost)

11. Paddle boating – paddling on water

pedal boatingpedal boating

Another interesting water sport to indulge in in Singapore is paddle boating. This sport is offered by the Sports Hub Water Sports Center for one hour on a paddle boat or paddle bike. If you love water and enjoy long interactions with exciting moments then definitely come here with your loved ones. It is one of the most popular and affordable Water Activities in Singapore,

Tips: take short breaks in between

Where: Sports Hub Water Sports Center

Cost: Rs 530 per person

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The city is usually popular among tourists for its excellent international restaurants, shops and dreamy skyline, but these thrilling water sports in Singapore are something every tourist must try. Plan your trip to Singapore now! Don’t forget to indulge in the above mentioned most popular water sports in Singapore for a great vacation!

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FAQs About Water Sports in Singapore

Where can I kayak in Singapore?

Here are some of the best places to go kayaking in Singapore:
1. Singapore Sports Hub
2. Pulau Ubin
3. Bedok Reservoir
4.McRitchie Reservoir
5. Marina Bay Passion Wave

How much is a kayak to rent in Singapore?

Kayak Singapore rental rates range between Rs 700 to Rs 4000 for an hour depending on the location.

Does Singapore have good surf spots?

Yes, Singapore has many popular surf spots that are easily accessible from the country. Some of the nearest places include:
1. Desaru
2. Da Nang
3. Phuket
4. Bali
5. Paraangritis

Where can I swim in Singapore?

Here are some of the best pools to swim in Singapore:
1. Tanjong Beach Club
2. Wild Wild Wet
3. Jurong East Swimming Complex
4. Pasir Ris Swimming Complex
5. Ola Beach Club

Can you go diving in Singapore?

Yes, you can go diving in Singapore. Visibility away from the coast may not be very good due to commercial fishing activities. But there are many PADI dive centers and resorts where you can learn to dive and explore the underwater world around Singapore.

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