Water in HS2 construction areas is safe and in good supply | Letters

I was disappointed by your article’s presentation of HS2’s extensive work to ensure good-quality drinking water in north London and Buckinghamshire (Fears raised over risks of water contamination as result of HS2 works, 1 June). The “internal papers” actually demonstrate that HS2 Ltd is doing a considerable amount of work to account for all potential impacts of construction and taking every possible precaution. The project has introduced the latest tunnel-boring technology, and has spent over £100m enhancing water treatment capacity in the region to ensure the highest water quality in these areas. People living near the HS2 route can be reassured that HS2 Ltd is working very closely with the Environment Agency and the local water company to ensure their water is safe and in good supply.
Peter Miller
Environment director, HS2 Ltd

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