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With its alluring premise, intriguing story, and innovative gameplay, Watch Dogs has taken the gaming world by storm since its initial release in 2014. The franchise has since expanded with several more sequels, each one packing more action and breathtaking graphics than its predecessor. The game is set in a not-too-distant future where technology has taken control of every aspect of life, from transportation to home automation. Players play as protagonist Aiden Pearce, a hacker and vigilante who seeks to avenge the death of his niece.

The game boasts of an open-world environment where players can explore the vast, detailed streets of Chicago (and other locations in more recent versions) in their bid to uncover the truth behind Aiden’s niece’s murder. But, with so much going on, what should players do once they dive into the game? Here are some tips on what to do in Watch Dogs.

Complete Main Quests

The main story quests are the primary thrust of Watch Dogs gameplay. Completing these missions will unlock new areas of the city for you to explore and give you more information about the game’s overarching storyline. These missions are sequential and are designed to be completed in a particular order, but players can tackle them at their own pace.

Complete Side Quests

The side quests are an essential part of Watch Dogs gameplay, offering many rewards for the resourceful player. These missions, which are smaller and offer a more irrelevant narrative, can be accessed through the game world or through an NPC contact. Players who complete side missions will earn points that can be spent to upgrade their abilities and unlock new weapons and hacking tools. Players should always lookout for new side quests that unlock with storyline progression.


One of the most exciting things about Watch Dogs is the ability to hack almost any electronic gadget within reach. Hacking plays a significant role in the game and has a large range of uses. Players can use their hacking abilities to take control of traffic lights, disrupt communications or to hack into a person’s phone to read their texts, listen to their calls, and use their cameras to gather intelligence. Additionally, hacking can be used to complete certain missions without breaking a sweat. Players should always remember to keep their hacking skills sharp by upgrading their abilities whenever possible.


There is more to Watch Dogs than just hacking and shooting; players can invest their money to generate passive income. Players can invest in shops, bars, and restaurants and earn a daily return on their investment. These passive income streams can provide players with a steady stream of cash to buy weapons, vehicles, and other upgrades without having to go on dangerous missions.

PVP Multiplayer

Watch Dogs is not just a single-player game; players can compete against other gamers online in PVP tournaments. These PVP matches range from high-speed car chases and races to objective-based missions. Players should exercise caution because losing means losing points, which are essential to unlocking some of the game’s high-end gear.

Vehicle Patrols

Players can patrol the streets of Chicago to fight crime while cruising around in their pimped-up vehicles. They can hack into other cars, causing them to crash and escape from pursuing law enforcement using their driving skills. Additionally, players can earn achievements or rewards for driving unique cars or reaching certain speed and distance milestones while cruising the streets.


Q: Can I change the game settings for a better experience?
A: Yes. Watch Dogs offers customization options where players can tweak the gameplay settings to their liking. From graphic settings to control customization, players can adjust the game to their preferred level of difficulty and comfort.

Q: Is Watch Dogs available in multiplayer mode?
A: Yes. Watch Dogs offers several PVP modes for its players to compete against each other in leaderboards or special rewards.

Q: Can I play Watch Dogs on multiple devices?
A: Yes. Watch Dogs is available across several platforms, including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles.

Q: Is Watch Dogs suitable for children?
A: Watch Dogs is rated M for mature players aged 17 and above due to its violence, language, and sexual content. Therefore, it may not be suitable for children under the age of 17.

In conclusion, Watch Dogs is a thrilling, open-world game with infinite possibilities for players. The game offers players the chance to explore, hack, fight, and even invest their funds for a better gaming experience. Players can dive into the extensive universe of Chicago and its underworld, uncovering mysteries and secrets while building up their gameplay skills. As the game evolves, Watch Dogs continues to captivate players with its massive world of interconnected and interactive elements.

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